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Sump Pump Installation

Sump Pump Installation in Kokomo

Kokomo, Indiana, averages 42 inches of rainfall annually, and that is enough water to cause serious damage to homes even if they are not in flood-prone areas. Fortunately, a dependable sump pump can help prevent a lot of flood-related issues. Professionally installed sumps keep foundations dry, help prevent mold and mildew growth, and offer protection against sudden flash flooding.

Even if homes are well above the water table, sump pumps are important. Excess moisture can accumulate underneath homes and lead to respiratory issues that include asthma attacks, respiratory infections, and allergic reactions.

Sump pumps are the first and most critical defense against water-related home damage and health issues. A pump will collect water where it accumulates at a home’s lowest point. Water is then pumped away to a safe place where it’s unlikely to cause damage.

If you aren’t sure you are prepared for heavy rainstorms or want to protect your home against mold growth, the staff at Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling can provide sump pump installation that will bring you and your family peace of mind.

Sump Pump Installation

Plumbers generally install sump pumps in a carved hole at the bottom of a home’s basement. When pumps are working as designed, their floats detect rising water levels and automatically start pumping away water. A sump pump is designed to:

  • Pump water to an area where it cannot return to the home by moving it downhill or far from the structure.
  • Ensure a home’s foundation stays dry and strong

Homeowners who currently have sump pumps installed might have questions about the best time to replace them. Professionals recommend calling a sump pump installation service when homeowners become aware that:

  • A pump is making unusual noises
  • A pump cycles at irregular intervals
  • A pump continually runs after the water has been routed away
  • A pump is more than ten years old

Choosing a Sump Pump

Homeowners must choose the right sump pump for their needs. If they install a model with too much power, it will cycle more often than required. That can shorten the pump’s lifespan and cost homeowners money. If the pump is underpowered, it might not adequately remove water, leading to flooding and mold or mildew growth.

Selecting the right model is just like buying any other appliance. The key is finding the right balance for each homeowner’s needs. Suppliers offer various types of sump pumps. Each one is designed for a different area and its use depends on geography and a home’s needs.

Homeowners living in areas that experience heavy regular flooding or flash floods during storms should consider a submersible sump pump.

Customers who want a pump with a longer lifespan could opt for a pedestal sump pump, keeping in mind that it will be louder than submersible models.

Buyers who want sump pumps that operate during power outages would do well with a battery-operated backup sump pump. It provides peace of mind when flooding is a threat even if the power is out. The pump includes a float switch that turns on stored power.

There are also water-powered backup pumps that use water pressure to operate rather than batteries. They need less maintenance than other pumps. However, some areas do not allow their use, and customers should be aware that the pumps can increase water bills.

Homeowners who are not sure what option is best for their needs can speak to one of our friendly technicians. Our plumbers can recommend models to fit every homeowner’s needs and budget. We ensure each customer gets the right pump and will never oversell them.

Kokomo Sump Pump Installation

DIY sump pump installation is not recommended since it can result in major damages and eventually lead to expensive problems. Using a sump pump installation service is the surest way to protect your home from flooding problems and protect the foundation.

If you have been browsing the Internet for “sump pump installation near me,” you have now found what you’re looking for. Our experienced staff can resolve any plumbing issue and includes a team of sump pump experts. Technicians ensure that sump pumps are installed properly so customers can get on with their lives without any worries about flooding.

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling has more than twelve locations throughout Indiana and one each in Ohio and Illinois. Our large service area guarantees that expert help is always nearby. Because we understand that plumbing problems never happen at convenient times, we also provide emergency plumbing services. Contact us today, and we can provide the service you need at a cost-effective rate.


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