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Plumbing Installation

Count on Skilled Experts to Perform for Plumbing Inspection in Kokomo, IN

A solid plumbing system can mean all the difference when a homeowner tries to do laundry, cook food, or clean up. Simply put, easy access to clean water is necessary for a household to run smoothly. Unfortunately, plumbing malfunction can occur due to various factors. A plumbing problem can range from minor to an outright emergency. Keep in mind that small signs of a plumbing problem can actually be caused by major plumbing damage. To verify the location and extent of plumbing damage, it’s a good idea to get in touch with a reputable plumber. The following information is helpful to know when a homeowner needs to call a plumbing specialist for an inspection.

Decreased Water Pressure

The correct water pressure enables sanitary water to flow through pipes for human use. Low water pressure is an annoyance. This problem means more time needed for everyday tasks. It can also result in needing more water for simple daily chores. Decreased water pressure can occur in one or more plumbing fixtures. Common causes of this defect are leaky pipes and mineral deposits. To determine the source of decreased water pressure, it’s a good idea to call a reputable plumber for skilled assistance.

Low Drainage Functionality

It’s important for water to drain adequately from sinks, showers, and bathtubs. Slow drainage could mean a clog. Substances such as skin flakes, fibrous food, oils, and soap residue can accumulate in a drain, causing a clog. If water drains slowly from all plumbing fixtures in a home, the main sewer line can have a blockage. A plumbing expert can perform a plumbing inspection to find the blockage and remove it promptly.

Discoloration on Walls and Floors

When a pipe leaks, water damage can occur to walls and floors. Discoloration often results from water seeping into walls and floors. A plumbing inspection is prudent to determine whether the problem is actually with the plumbing. A qualified expert will know where to look for leaks and the signs indicative of this problem. After an inspection, the specialist will talk to the homeowner about the next course of action.

Offensive Odors from a Drain

When a blockage forms in the drain, mold can grow on substances in the clog. Odor-causing bacteria also feed off debris in clogs. This often gives off a foul-smelling gas called hydrogen sulfide. These smells tend to become stronger as a clog remains in the drain. To remove foul odors, a plumbing specialist can assess drain and remove unwanted materials.

Elevated Water Bills

Before raising the cost of water, a utility company will usually notify homeowners. However, an increase in water usage can arise from leaky pipes. Leaking wastes water, causing a higher than usual water bill. A qualified plumber inspects a plumbing system to find whether a leak is present and offer a plumbing solution to fix it.

Mold Presence

Mold is a fungus that grows best in wet areas. Condensation, leaky pipes, and high humidity all provide mold with water needed for growth. If mold spores are inhaled, respiratory distress can occur in people with asthma, allergies, pulmonary fibrosis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Getting a plumber to fully inspect a plumbing system is the best way to find the source of the problem. A repair enables a Kokomo homeowner to keep a home dry as possible to deter mold growth.

Wallpaper Detachment from Walls

Wallpaper that detaches from walls can be a sign of leaky pipes. Peeling paint is also another indicator of a plumbing problem. When water escapes a pipe, it often travels through walls. Once it saturates sheetrock, the sheetrock will expand. Sagging or bulging drywall enables water to pass through it and make contact with wallpaper and paint. Once this occurs, the wallpaper or paint becomes distorted. Getting the right plumber to find the plumbing problem is essential to prevent further water damage.

Hiring a Reputable Plumber

Summer Plumbing Heating & Cooling has been providing plumbing services for over 50 years. You can depend on their skilled technicians to provide a complete plumbing inspection. Though some homeowners overlook plumbing problems with clear signs, it’s prudent to have this assessment done when faced with plumbing malfunction. Doing this preserves the useful life of a plumbing system and helps prevents water damage in homes.


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