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Frozen Pipes

Summers Repairs Frozen Pipes in Kokomo, IN

Those in Kokomo may assume that they do not have to worry about freezing pipes once winter is over. Unfortunately, cold fronts are common in the Spring, and they can bring with them freezing pipes. With the frigid temperatures comes a chance for the pipes in a home to freeze.

Protecting the Pipes from Freezing

Should a homeowner be concerned that their pipes could freeze? Absolutely! A homeowner must take the necessary steps needed to prevent their pipes from freezing. The following are great tips for preventing frozen pipes:

  • Leave faucets dripping
  • Seal cracks and holes
  • Open the cabinet doors
  • Leave the heat on
  • Insulate the pipes

Faucets Need to Be Left Dripping

When the temperatures drop below freezing, it is important to leave the faucets in the home dripping. Do not worry about wasting water, as a burst pipe will waste a lot more and cause major home damage. Don’t leave the faucet running on high. A little drip will do.

Seal Those Cracks and Holes

Cracks and holes in the wall can expose pipes to frigid temperatures. Seal up those cracks and holes to lessen the chance of the pipes freezing. This will also save a homeowner money on their heating bills.

Cabinet Doors Need to be Left Open

When the temperature drops below freezing, a homeowner needs to leave their cabinet doors open. Bathroom cabinets and kitchen cabinets often have plumbing in them. By leaving them open, a resident can help to keep their pipes warm.

Use Space Heaters and Leave the Heat On

Using a space heater near the pipes is a good way to keep them warm. Also, be sure not to turn the heat in the home off. If it gets too cold in the home, this creates an opportunity for the pipes to freeze.

Insulate the Pipes

Adding insulation to exposed pipes is a great way to protect them from freezing air. There are special products sold at hardware stores that wrap around pipes and help prevent them from freezing. A professional plumber may also have some ideas to help insulate the pipes.

Signs to Watch For

If a person thinks their pipes may have frozen or burst, they are likely right. Below are the signs to watch for regarding frozen pipes. If a person notices any of these signs, they should reach out to a plumbing professional ASAP, as frozen pipes can cause a lot of damage:

  • No water from the faucet
  • Ice or condensation
  • Gross smells
  • Weird noises
  • Cracks in the pipes
  • Water, dampness, or swelling

No Water in the Home

A major red flag is when there is no water coming out of the faucet. If part of the pipe has frozen, the water cannot move through the pipe. The faucet may only give a small trickle of water, which is also a sign that a pipe is freezing or frozen.

Ice on the Pipes

If a homeowner can see icy condensation on the outside of the pipe, this means that the inside is likely frozen. Pipes under the floors, near exposed walls, or in the basement are famous for freezing. Watch for visible ice as a sign that the damage has been done.

Sniff for Sewage Smells

Just as water pipes freeze, so do sewer lines. If those in the home start smelling bad smells, the problem could lie in the backyard. Call in a professional to inspect the backyard sewer lines for damage.

Weird Noises Could Signal a Problem

Freezing pipes can make odd sounds. Weird noises coming from the pipes in a home are a sign that ice is flowing and freezing in them. A homeowner should call a plumber to take care of the problem and prevent any damage from occurring to the pipes or home.

Visible Cracks are a Bad Sign

Cracked pipes are a disaster waiting to happen. As the water thaws out, the pipe will burst. Call a plumbing technician immediately, as a burst pipe could cause a lot of water damage.

Other Signs of a Huge Pipe Problem

There are a few things to watch out for when it comes to frozen pipes. Pooled water, damp drywall, rings on the ceiling, or bulging areas are red flags. If any of these signs are noticed, call in Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling to make the repairs before things get worse.

Frozen Pipe Repairs in Kokomo, IN

Those in Kokomo, IN, dealing with freezing pipes need to call Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling for affordable and friendly plumbing assistance. Al technicians are expertly trained, background checked, insured, and experienced in frozen pipes. Don’t delay. Give Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling a call today!


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