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Pipe Thawing

Pipe Thawing in Kokomo

It is important for a household to have clean water running into the home. The water that comes into the home runs through a series of pipes that are connected to the main water system or your home’s well and then is directed into the home at one or more points. When the winter weather hits, it can put these pipes at serious risk.

Pipes that are exposed to dropping temperatures are at risk of freezing. Cold weather combined with low wind chills can wreak havoc on water pipes, especially those not properly insulated. This can cause the water in the pipes to freeze.

When the water freezes in the pipes, it can reduce the flow of water into the home. If the freezing is significant, it can even stop the water from moving. As the ice in the line expands and the water pressure behind the ice builds, it can create a risk of the pipes bursting.

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling offers a variety of services to help homes in these situations. Their trained plumbing technicians offer professional pipe thawing to get a home back to normal. They can also provide services to prevent pipes from freezing during the winter.

Ignoring Frozen Pipes

Although water may turn to ice when the temperatures get really low, it is also common for that ice to melt when the temperatures rise or even when the sun comes out on a cold day. When pipes freeze overnight, some homeowners may be tempted to wait for the temperatures to rise so the issue will resolve itself.

In some cases, the pipes may not freeze completely. This can allow some water to still flow through the pipes. However, homeowners may still face issues with extremely low water pressure. Leaving a tap open to let the water drip could possibly allow the pipes to thaw without intervention.

Unfortunately, this solution can be very unreliable. Even if water is still flowing, ice can form and expand in the pipes. As the ice expands, more pressure is put on the pipe. As the pressure continues, it could cause cracks or even complete breaks in the pipes.

When a pipe bursts, it can send water flowing into the ground or home at pretty high rates. It is estimated that a burst pipe can lose hundreds of gallons of water in 24 hours. This can cause seriously high water bills and create further damage throughout the home. Preventing this by taking action to thaw the frozen pipe is often the better solution than just waiting it out.

Do-It-Yourself Pipe Thawing

For many homeowners, pipe thawing can seem like a simple task they can do themselves. There are many forums and videos providing tips for melting the ice in the water lines. Some property owners use hairdryers blown on the pipes for hours. Some use heating pads or space heaters. Others even use open flames for thawing the ice in pipes.

Although the videos and forums profess success with their suggested tricks, any of these options can be less than beneficial and, in some cases, dangerous. Open flames and electric items kept around water pipes that may crack or leak can put a home and the homeowner at risk. These have created house fires and caused electric shocks or shorts in the home’s electrical system.

In the end, many of these homeowners face more damage and costs than if they simply called a plumber in the first place. A professional plumber can offer safe and effective methods for thawing pipes.

Professional Pipe Thawing Services

Contacting a professional is the best method for safely and efficiently thawing frozen water pipes. The team of experienced plumbers will arrive at the home and identify the area where the pipes are frozen. These technicians will then get to work clearing the pipes.

The plumber will utilize a variety of methods to thaw the pipes no matter where they are located. They have methods for releasing pressure to help prevent the pipes from breaking. If the pipes do crack or break during this process, the plumber is there to repair the pipe and prevent flooding and water damage to the home.

Professional Plumbers Near Me

At the first sign of a frozen pipe in the home, the best solution is to contact a plumber. Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling provides trained plumbers that are experienced in finding the best solution for any plumbing issue.

Our team will provide efficient pipe thawing in Kokomo, and make any needed repairs to the pipes that have been frozen. In addition, our team will provide solutions and options to prevent the problem from occurring in the future. Simply contact us today for more information about our services.



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