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Minisplit Installation

A Minisplit Installation Improves Indoor Air Quality for Kokomo, IN Homeowners

Summers in Kokomo, IN can be very hot, humid, and wet. For homeowners, this kind of weather can be a challenge. When an existing AC unit does not work right, it may be time for a new one. Many homeowners simply want to upgrade to a new AC system. Since some homes don’t have ductwork, it’s advisable to think about air conditioning that does not require ductwork for air circulation. A mini-split installation in Kokomo, IN is cost-effective and gives homeowners the chance to control air temperature room by room.

The specialists at Summers Heating Plumbing & Cooling have been in business for over 50 years offering honest services to Kokomo residents. By consulting a member of this team, a homeowner can get mini-split AC education, installation, and repair services promptly. Make use of these services to enhance indoor air quality all year long.

Working with a fully licensed, insured, and certified specialist like Summers Heating Plumbing & Cooling is a great way for a homeowner to have peace of mind. We have technicians that know how to streamline the installation process and can handle issues that may arise during the installation job. Learn about the mini-split AC system and how it can benefit homeowners.

The Basics of a Minisplit Air Conditioner

This system has two main components. The outdoor component is the condenser/compressor. The indoor component is the air handler or evaporator. As return air is treated, it passes over a coil containing refrigerant. The working fluid in the coil absorbs heat from the above air. Heat in the refrigerant is released outdoors as the refrigerant exits the home. Cool air is distributed back directly into each room. Ductwork is not required to move air throughout the home.

By controlling the distribution of supply air, a homeowner can adjust the temperature for every room in the home. This increases personal living space comfort and keeps a homeowner from constantly having to change the thermostat.

Installation Process

The experts at Summers Heating Plumbing & Cooling are proficient at installing mini-split air conditioners. The technicians at this company know about all phases of the installation process and can answer any questions homeowners have. Installing this system is easier than a central AC system since ductwork modification or installation is not required. A technician will only need to attach lines that will carry refrigerant. A homeowner can install indoor wall units in desired rooms or zones. These wall units are attached to an exterior cooling system. After, an AC specialist will happily go over any concern the homeowner may have.

Advantages of a Minisplit Device

Purchasing a mini-split system has many benefits for homeowners. Not having to deal with ductwork is a key reason many homeowners choose to install this unit. Ductwork itself can be expensive. Even if ductwork installation is not required, it may be necessary to replace parts of the existing ductwork. Also, ductwork can become blocked and need extensive work done to it. The specialists at Summers Heating Plumbing & Cooling can assist Kokomo homeowners with understanding the benefits of this type of installation. A skilled technician can also explain the difference between a mini-split system and a traditional central AC system.

Selective Temperature Control

Another great advantage of a mini-split system is temperature control. Household occupants may have different personal needs, especially those with compromised health. Having temperature control in every room where an air handler is installed is convenient. Having to frequently change the thermostat can wear it out and even cause damage to the thermostat. Instead, a homeowner can relax and let the people in various rooms control air temperature.

Lower Electric Bills

Many homeowners who install mini-split systems have reported a significant decrease in their electric bills. This results from only having to turn on the air handler in specific rooms. A homeowner does not have to run the air handler in every room. Also, ductwork is sometimes responsible for air escaping the duct due to leaks. This means the AC system has to run longer to provide air at the desired temperature.

Getting an AC system does not have to put a huge dent in a homeowner’s pocket. Instead, it’s prudent to consider a mini-split system. This device offers numerous benefits and is relatively simpler to install than a new central AC system. Call the specialists at Summers Heating Plumbing & Cooling for an appointment. This can be done online or by calling the company directly.


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