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Drain Installation

Drain Installation in Kokomo

Modern homes have numerous drains to carry wastewater from toilets, sinks, tubs, and water-using appliances to the main sewer line. These pipes play an essential role not just in keeping the household running smoothly but also in protecting residents’ health. When something goes wrong with a drain or sewer line, homeowners need to take action immediately.

Whether the drain pipes just need to be unclogged, or they’re severely worn and must be replaced, homeowners need a plumbing service they can trust. Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling has helped thousands of other homeowners in and around Kokomo to resolve drain line problems. These industry leaders pride themselves on offering excellent customer service and professional results.

Trust the Experts

Drain installation is a task best allocated to licensed, experienced plumbers. Summers Plumbing hires only the best. Every plumbing technician is industry certified and fully insured, and the company provides ongoing training to ensure that its staff will always provide the most professional, up-to-date services. Don’t trust plumbing installations to amateurs. Trust the experts at Summers Plumbing.

Why Install New Drains?

There are two reasons to call for drain installation in Kokomo. Either an existing drain needs to be replaced or a new one must be installed for the first time to accommodate a new plumbing fixture or water-using appliance. Either way, the pros at Summers Plumbing are up to the task.

Drain Replacements in Kokomo

Drain pipes carry wastewater, which can pose a risk to residents’ health. Have them replaced immediately if:

  • The drain becomes severely clogged with mineral buildup
  • The drain is damaged during an accident
  • The drain has burst due to freezing
  • Tree roots have penetrated a drain line
  • The sewer line has collapsed due to shifting soil
  • The drain or sewer line has failed due to old age

The symptoms of a severely damaged drain vary depending on what caused the failure and where the pipe is located. Homeowners should keep an eye out for slow-moving drains, unpleasant odors, leaks, pooling water in the yard, and changes in their lawns. Fixing or replacing the drain immediately can help to prevent water damage and the subsequent need for additional home repairs.

New Drain Installations

The second reason a homeowner might call for a drain installation in Kokomo is that he or she is planning plumbing renovations. Any time a new water-using fixture or appliance gets added to the home, it will need to be plumbed into the house’s drainage system. It’s important to hire a trained professional to perform the installation. Only a licensed plumber can ensure that the drainpipes are installed correctly so they will not leak or cause damage to the new appliances or fixtures.

What to Expect During Drain Installation in Kokomo

At Summers Plumbing, every technician’s priority is to help clients find and implement the solutions they need to get their homes’ plumbing systems back in working order. The process begins with a discussion of the specifics, including whether the drain will replace an aging pipe or be installed in a home addition or new-built house. The consulting plumber will take care to plan where the lines run so they can be installed in a way that limits potential future problems like leaks and clogs.

Once the plumber and his or her client agree on the scope of the installation, the technician will perform a full evaluation. He or she will evaluate the home’s current plumbing system to identify potential complications. After the evaluation, the plumber will provide a detailed quote and a description of the installation process. The client will need to sign a contract before the work can begin in earnest. After both parties sign on the dotted line, the work can begin immediately. Summers Plumbing provides all its technicians with fully stocked trucks so they’ll have the tools required to install the new drain on-hand.

During the installation, the plumber will take care to minimize disruptions. After the drain has been installed, the technician will test it to make sure everything is working as intended clean up the area, dispose of the old plumbing fixtures, and replace any walls that needed to be removed in their initial positions.

Drain Installation in Kokomo

Summers Plumbing has been performing drain installations in Kokomo for well over 50 years. Since 1969, these experts have been dedicated to providing fast, efficient, and professional service. They never call a job done until the client is fully satisfied. Call to request more information about drain installations or schedule an appointment for a full evaluation today.


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