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Well Repair

Well Repair Services in Peru, IN

Those with a deep-water well on their property will know that it can be hard to pinpoint the problem when an issue arises. A person may find themselves without water that is safe to drink or without water at all and have no idea why. Because a lot of the water well action happens out of sight, getting an understanding of what the problem is with the well may be impossible for a homeowner to do on their own.

Pinpointing an issue with a well may involve lifting the water pipe and the submersible water pump completely out of the ground. The average homeowner is not likely to have the skills, knowledge, or tools to troubleshoot water wells independently. This is when Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling services come in handy, as this company has everything they need to diagnose a water well issue and make the needed repairs. 

What issues are the most common issues that those with water well experience? Read on to find out! The topics below are common for those with water wells to experience. 

Not Having Water

One of the worst experiences that those with a fell can face is realizing that they have absolutely no water in their home. There are two main reasons for a home with a well not having any water. The first reason, which is why a person should hope is the problem, is that a circuit breaker tripped. If the circuit breakers have tripped, then the well has no power and is shut off.

If the problem is not a simple electrical fix, then it could be that the water level is too low for the well and pump to work properly. Hopefully, this is not the reason behind the home not having water. If this is the issue, reducing water usage for a few days may help. The worst thing that could happen is that the well is starting to dry up.

If the water level is the problem, the repair company can lower the pump deeper into the well. How do they do this? The repair company will add additional piping at the top, which allows the pump to reach the water better. If the well is not deep enough to allow the pump to reach the reduced water level, then the well is useless, and a new well will need to be dug.

Water that Sputters

If the water coming from the well sputters, this is a sign of a problem. Sputtering well water is a sign that air is in the water system. This issue can be caused by a crack in the piping or the good pump.

Water that is Cloudy

If cloudy water is coming out of the faucets, it could mean that the well is pulling in water from a shallow area. When water is pumped in from shallow areas, it will pull dirt and silt in with the water. This could be a sign of a malfunctioning pump. Sand can clog pipes and damage plumbing fixtures, so it is important to call a repair company as soon as this issue is noticed.

High Electric Bills

If the electric bill is high, the pump could be the problem. Problems with a water well that suck electricity include issues with the pump or pressure switch. Get these issues fixed so that the well doesn’t use extra electricity and run up the power bill.

Water that Smells or Tastes Bad

No one wants to drink smelly water. If the water contains bacteria, sand, silt, or waste, it can have a strange taste or odor. While frustrating, smelly water is not always dangerous. Call in a professional to determine the issue. It could be a corroded pipe. Be sure that everyone switches to filtered or bottled water until the problem is fixed.

Problems with the Pressure Switch

A common issue that homeowners experience is a pressure switch that will not turn on. If this happens, call a repair company. The pressure switch contact surfaces may need to be cleaned or replaced.

The Pump is the Wrong Size

Problems can arise with a water well due to the well pump being the wrong size. If the well pump is not strong enough to service the entire home with water, this can cause problems. Call in a friendly and knowledgeable Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling technician to check the pump size.

Peru Well Repair

Those looking for experienced well repair services need to look no farther than Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling. The technicians have the equipment and experience to diagnose the issue and make the needed well repairs. Don’t delay! Give Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling a call today!

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