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AC Tune-Up Services in Peru, Indiana

Homeowners set up air conditioning maintenance services to prevent common breakdowns and keep their cooling units working all summer long. Manufacturers present proper maintenance and AC tune-up steps in the product warranty. Property owners will need to set up maintenance services with an HVAC professional to complete the services.

Maintenance for cooling systems also includes checking the current refrigerant levels and charging the units as needed. Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling HVAC professionals are certified in handling gases and decreasing environmental risks. They must complete the tasks as they are outlined in the warranty.

Property owners will need to set up most of the maintenance services before they start using the cooling system. This could prevent them from facing service disruptions. Proper AC tune-up is necessary to keep the cooling unit running and ensure that the home stays at a comfortable temperature throughout the entire summer.

Seasonal AC Tune-Up Services

With seasonal cleaning services, the homeowner won’t have to worry about debris or dust flowing through the property and decreasing the air quality. The HVAC professionals will open up the entire system and blow out all debris inside the interior and exterior units.

They use chemical cleaners to remove the debris from the vital components. During seasonal cleaning, they will remove any debris around the fan and motor to prevent overheating and common issues. As long as the owner changes out their filters appropriately, they won’t have to worry about debris clogging up the system and preventing the unit from working properly.

Proper Lubrication for All Moving Components

If the components are not lubricated properly, they will grind together and become damaged. The HVAC technicians inspect the components and lubricate them properly. The tasks prevent damage and ensure that the unit will continue to run throughout the summer without problems.

Testing the Thermostat

At the time of your AC tune-up, the technicians test the thermostat and determine if it is operating properly, or if it is causing the system to cycle more frequently. Proper maintenance decreases major issues with the cooling units and keeps the home comfortable throughout the summer.

The thermostat must be tested before using the air conditioning unit. Drafts are a common issue that can affect the thermostat and cause the system to cycle more frequently. The HVAC professionals evaluate the space around the thermostat to see if there is a draft. If there is, they can seal off the space to prevent the draft from compromising the thermostat.

If the thermostat is not working properly, the HVAC professional will recommend a replacement product. Many homeowners prefer a programmable thermostat, and it gives them more control over their cooling system. With smart home connections, the homeowner can control their cooling and heating system remotely via a smartphone or tablet.

Testing Components for Proper Operation

HVAC technicians test out the components and ensure that they are working properly. If any of the components are falling, the service provider will provide an estimate for replacement services. It is recommended that the homeowner schedules the inspection and testing before the start of summer. This gives them a chance to find faulty components and replace them before they need their cooling system on an everyday basis.

Inspecting the Ductwork

There shouldn’t be any signs of ductwork damage if the property owner maintains the installation according to the manufacturer’s instructions. However, structural damage could happen without their knowledge between seasons. The HVAC professionals review the ductwork to ensure that it is the proper size for the dwelling. If it is not the correct size, the HVAC technician presents estimates for replacement services for the new installations. If it is damaged, the property owners can get repairs to ensure proper airflow.

Homeowners complete vital maintenance services for their air conditioning systems. The services prevent common issues that could lead to service disruptions during the summer. When setting up maintenance services, property owners start with inspections and seasonal cleaning. The services can lower the risk of breakdowns and help the property owner find problems quickly.

HVAC professionals understand all steps required to keep cooling systems operating properly. All components must be lubricated and cleaned properly, and if they are faulty, the components must be replaced before the unit is used for the summer.

Where to Get AC Tune-Up Service

Summers Plumbing Heating and Cooling provide homeowners with exceptional HVAC services to maintain their cooling and heating systems. The service providers offer inspections, cleaning, maintenance, repairs, and new installation services. Homeowners can learn more about AC tune-ups In Peru, IN by contacting Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling and scheduling an appointment today.

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