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Drain Replacement

Drain Replacement Services in Peru, IN

It is sometimes helpful to think of the plumbing system as two halves when it comes to a house. The water supply is one-half, bringing fresh water into the home for cooking, washing, and drinking. The drains, which form the second half, are for removing a home’s wastewater and transporting it to the municipal sewage system.

When a home’s drains become compromised, wastewater cannot properly exit the house, and homeowners need the assistance of a licensed plumber to get their system back up and running. For more than five decades, Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling has offered Peru drain replacement and repair services.

We have built a reputation for superior craftsmanship and customer service over the years, and we are still as committed to those standards today as we were when we first opened our doors in 1969. When families choose Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling, they can be assured their plumbing system will be properly cared for.

Professional Drain Replacement Services

At Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling, our plumbers are both licensed and insured, and since we place a strong focus on training, customers can trust that their technicians will be up to date on the latest techniques and technology. With thousands of projects under their belts, our plumbers are prepared to take on any task they face, no matter how big or small.

Why a Home May Need a Drain Replacement

Replacing a drain in a home can mean replacing a drain from a fixture or appliance or replacing the home’s sewer line. Typically, this is needed because the drain has started to leak or has become clogged. Here are a few reasons why a household may be having problems with their drains.

Frequent Clogs

If a house’s drains are clogging up more often, there is probably something more serious going on. A drain cleaning should be the first step, but if that does not work, it will most likely need a drain replacement.

Pipe Damage

Damage to a plumbing system can be caused by a variety of conditions. Accidental damage, as well as frozen pipes, can cause leaks within a home. It is also possible that roots are creeping into the sewer pipes. Trees growing near the sewage line may eventually puncture the wall of the pipe. Once the line has been breached, tree roots will easily fill an entire pipe because the wastewater acts as a fertilizer, preventing water from draining and further weakening the pipe.

Shifting soil can also cause damage to buried pipes. Although this is often linked to incidents such as continuous freezing and thawing, heavy rains may also cause soil to settle, and the added weight can deform, pinch, or crush a sewer line.


Owing to the wear and tear of everyday use, older pipes are much more likely to malfunction. If a house was constructed before the 1970s, for example, the plumbing is probably made of galvanized steel, which corrodes after about 50 years. Corrosion will weaken the drains and eventually cause them to fail.

New Fixture or Appliance

It is best to hire a plumber to install any new appliance or fixture that uses water in a home, particularly if replacing existing equipment. This new installation would almost always necessitate relocating or retrofitting existing plumbing, including drains. We will make certain that the drains are properly connected to any new fixture or appliance.

How Drain Replacement Works

Although it may seem easy, our drain replacement services entail more than simply removing the old drain and replacing it with a new one. Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling is dedicated to ensuring that any plumbing system is as efficient as possible. That is why we start every drain replacement with a conversation to make sure we are on the same page about the job’s scope.

A technician will send an estimate for the work after an initial inspection, and once the price has been agreed upon, they will usually start the job right away. However, there could be a slight delay for drain replacements that need digging. We will make sure all new equipment works properly after we repair the drain so our clients can rest assured that it will last for years.

Drain Replacement Services Near Me

Drain replacement in Peru and the surrounding area has been our specialty for more than fifty years. We are committed to assisting homeowners in our region in protecting their investment by providing plumbing solutions. Contact the professionals at Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling today for more details about our drain replacement services!

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