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Pipe Thawing

Thawing Frozen Pipes in Peru, Indiana

Nobody wants to learn their pipes have frozen when temperatures outdoors fall below freezing. However, any type of pipe remains at risk of this happening. A person might assume that the pipe material in their home or business remains immune to this problem but nothing is further from the truth. When the thermostat drops significantly along with the wind chill, all pipes become at greater risk of this happening. Homes or businesses with poor insulation also come with an increased risk of this problem. 

When water freezes in a pipe, it turns to ice. The ice expands and creates a blockage. Pressure builds up at the site of the blockage if nothing is done to prevent this from happening. For this reason, people need to remain vigilant and help the pipes thaw as soon as they suspect there is a problem. How can a person tell if they are in need of pipe thawing in Peru? 

Signs One or More Pipes Are Frozen

An open faucet that fails to produce water indicates a blockage in the waterline. The same holds when a faucet that normally produces a strong flow only manages a slow trickle. Pooled water in the home suggests one or more pipes are frozen, and a homeowner might notice their water meter continues to show movement even when no fixtures are on. This suggests a pipe has burst or cracked. 

Fixing Frozen Pipes

Men and women often assume they can wait for temperatures to rise and allow the pipes to thaw naturally. When a small amount of water makes its way through the pipes to the fixture, they feel this is the best remedy. They won’t have to spend money on a plumber to fix the problem as it will resolve itself. Sadly, this isn’t the case. 

Once the ice begins to form inside a pipe, it expands. If the problem isn’t addressed, the blockage could continue to get bigger, eventually leading to a burst pipe. The ice and the pipe cannot coexist, and no homeowner wants to learn the pipe was the one to fail. When a pipe cracks or bursts, it lets loose gallons of water.

A single pipe can release more than 250 gallons of water in 24 hours. This leads to high water bills, flooding in the home, or a host of other issues. Nobody wants to deal with any of these problems when it is extremely cold outside. Unfortunately, problems can arise even when the ice in the pipe has begun the thawing process. 

Thawing Pipes on Your Own

People might turn to the internet to learn how to thaw their pipes. They’ll find suggestions such as using a hairdryer to complete this task or wrapping the pipe in heating pads. The problem with these solutions is they don’t take into account the speed at which the ice melts. If pipes expand rapidly, problems could arise. This could lead to the pipe cracking or bursting, causing the same problems one sees when nothing is done to aid the thawing process. 

Some people use an open flame to thaw their pipes. Sadly, this has led to the loss of more than one home, as the fire spread beyond the desired area. For this reason and many others, it’s best to turn to professionals for help with pipe thawing in Peru, IN. 

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling assists clients with this task whenever the weather turns cold. The technicians know what methods should be used to thaw a pipe without damaging the plumbing system or the home. A combination of warm water running through the pipes and external heat is the best way to slowly thaw the ice and eliminate the blockage. The technician ensures the right pressure remains in the system to avoid potential problems as the process moves forward. 

Plumbing Issues

When pipes freeze, other plumbing issues may rear their ugly heads. Don’t let this happen. Protect your home and family by calling Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling. We tackle any plumbing problem you are experiencing and have the equipment and knowledge to make certain the job is done right the first time. 

Pipes often freeze in the middle of the night when the thermostat reaches its lowest point. For this reason, we have technicians on call around the clock. Don’t hesitate to contact us when the problem is discovered. As we have locations across Indiana, we can have a technician to your home quickly. This provides you with peace of mind, as you know the job will be done right in the shortest time possible. 

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