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Plumbing Repair Services in Peru, IN

When someone asks themselves if they need to hire a plumber, the answer is yes. At the first sign of a problem, it is smart to go ahead and make the call. Ignoring an issue can cause a small plumbing issue to grow into a full-blown plumbing emergency.

Many people worry that the issue they are having with their plumbing will not warrant a plumber coming out. When a person calls a plumbing company for service or repair, they are not a bother to the plumbing companies. Plumbers make their living helping businesses and homeowners with their plumbing installations and repairs. These companies can usually advise customers over the phone if they need to make a house call.

The following situations require the assistance of a professionally trained plumber. Ignoring the issues below can lead to larger plumbing problems and property damage. Read on to find out some of the most common situations that require the assistance of a trained plumber.

Gurgling Sounds in Pipes or Appliances

Gurgling sounds in the pipes, toilets, washing machine or water heater are reasons to call a plumber for assistance. Gurgling noises coming from a washing machine or toilet could mean there is a blockage in the pipes. A blocked pipe could that is ignored can lead to a water leak.

How does a blockage lead to a leak? The water pressure can build up and put pressure on the pipes. Gurgling could signify that a pipe has already collapsed, so it is important to bite the bullet and call in a professional for an inspection.

If Plunging Does Not Work

If the toilet clog is severe, plunging may not work. In this case, the blockage causing the toilet not to flush is likely down farther in the pipe. A professional Peru plumber can snake the toilet and eliminate the deep blockage.

Sewage Smells in or around the Home

The smell of sewage is unmistakable. This type of smell can be a sign that there is a cracked sewage pipe under the house or street. A homeowner should never attempt to repair a sewer line independently, as this is a tricky, messy, and dangerous job.

What does the sewer smell like? Homeowners may be smelling the sewer if there is a rotten sulfurous smell. Some homeowners may confuse the scent of the sewer with the odor that natural gas produces. Either way, a homeowner needs to call a plumber in as soon as possible to get to the root of the problem.

When Sinks and Showers Won’t Drain

If the sinks, showers, and bathtubs in the home won’t drain, there is likely a clog in the pipes. While a homeowner may be tempted to run to the local hardware store and pick up some over-the-counter drain cleaner, this is not the right plan of action. One should never use this type of product on the drains and pipes in their home.

What is wrong with chemical drain cleaners? While they can eat and remove human hair, they can also damage the pipes in the home. Skip the risky home repair and instead call in a professional plumber. Remember that even though a clogged drain may not seem like a big deal, it can become a bacteria breeding ground for bacteria or end up flooding the room.

When the Drains Drain Slowly

A slow draining drain is a sign of a building problem. Call in a plumber to keep a small clog from turning into a big messy plumbing emergency. A plumber can come to the home, diagnose the problem, make the repair, and get the drain draining normally again.

Dripping Faucets are a Huge Problem for Homeowners 

One may think that a dripping faucet is not a big deal, but drips can lead to more than 3,000 gallons of water wasted each year. Those who pay for water may also find that dripping faucets run up their water bill. Call in a plumber to fix the leak and stop the waste.

There is No Job Too Big or Too Small

There is no job too big or too small for a plumber when it comes to plumbing jobs. Plumbers are trained to do everything from fixing small leaks to replacing backyard sewer lines. When a person is unsure if they need plumbing services, they can call the plumbing company for friendly advice on the situation.

A plumber is also a great resource for fixing many items around the home. Plumbers can repair water heaters, install new faucets, and so much more. When calling about a plumbing problem,e sure to inquire about the additional home repair services offered.

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