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Plumbing Inspection

Plumbing Inspection Services in Peru, IN

Access to water is not just a convenience, it’s a necessity for many daily activities. Over time, situations such as freezing temperatures, tree roots, corrosion, and aging can all lead to broken pipes. A broken pipe gives water a way to escape the confines of a plumbing system and causes minor to major water damage. Sometimes, damage to a plumbing system is unseen and there are no obvious signs of a malfunction. To repair any defects to a plumbing system or just to keep one in good shape, it’s prudent to schedule a Plumbing Inspection in Peru, IN. Be vigilant of the signs below that mean a plumbing repair is needed promptly.

Decrease in Drainage Functionality

An important function of plumbing systems is to carry wastewater out of homes and buildings. For this to happen, drains need to be constructed correctly and kept free of clogs. However, materials including hair, oils, cat litter, feminine hygiene products, and coffee grounds can form clogs in drains. This blockage makes it harder or impossible for wastewater to flow. Also, corrosion can cause the interior of pipes to flake or dimple. This makes it harder for substances to leave the plumbing system. Luckily, an expert plumber from Summers Heating Plumbing & Cooling can assess the plumbing system and remove any clogs.

Low Water Pressure

Not having adequate water pressure makes it more difficult to have enough water for a shower, cooking, and cleaning. It can double the time it normally takes to perform daily activities. Also, low water pressures can mean a homeowner uses more water than normal. Low water pressure can mean a significant rise in the electricity bill as well for homes with private wells. To find the reason for low water pressure, it’s a good idea to call an expert plumber from Summers Heating Plumbing & Cooling for a full evaluation of the plumbing system.

Ceiling and Wall Discoloration

When a leak occurs in pipes, water can escape and travel through walls and the ceiling. The brown discoloration is a frequent sign of a water leak. However, a homeowner needs to get in touch with a skilled plumber to ensure the source of the water leak is a plumbing defect. Doing this also prevents further water damage in a home.

Increased Electricity Bill

Many homeowners assume that a higher electric bill is due to an increase in rates. However, an increase in an electric bill can arise from a water leak when a well pump must run constantly. For this reason, an evaluation of the plumbing system to reveal the existence of a water leak and its location will be important.

Unusual Toilet Noises

A plumbing system is typically quiet except when it’s in use. After a toilet flushes and water is pushed out the drain pipe, a toilet should not make much noise. When splashing, bubbling, or gurgling noise is present, it can be an indication of a plumbing defect. This problem usually arises from a blockage in plumbing lines or vent stack. An assessment of the toilet and the plumbing it’s attached to can give insight into the defect.

Foul Smells in Drains

When a blockage forms in the drain, the clog can emit foul smells. These odors can range in intensity but usually become stronger over time. Bacteria that feed off the materials in clogs can emit foul odors. Also, chemical reactions can result in strong smells. Qualified plumbing can assess the situation and apply problem-solving skills to free a drain and get rid of unfavorable odors.

Mold Presence on Walls

Mold thrives in moist areas. Condensation, water leaks, and overflowing plumbing fixtures give mold access to water. Inhaled mold spores can do serious damage to the lungs of household occupants. After spotting mold growth, it’s a good idea to get in touch with a reputable plumber from Summers Heating Plumbing & Cooling. The specialists from this company can verify mold growth and whether the cause is water coming from defective plumbing.

These are just a few signs indicative of plumbing malfunction. Some signs may be hard to detect. Other signs may not occur that frequently. By hiring a knowledgeable plumber from Summers Heating Plumbing & Cooling, homeowners in Peru, IN, can get a full assessment of their respective plumbing systems. A thorough plumbing inspection is also valuable to maintain a properly functioning plumbing system. Call today or go online to schedule an assessment with these specialists. Doing this will help a homeowner save money in the long run.

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