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Minisplit Installation

Mini-Split Installation Services in Peru, IN

If you live in Peru, IN, you already know how hot the summers can get. Not only are they hot, but they’re unpredictable. One day it’s sweltering and humid, another, it’s an arid, dry heat, and the next, it could feel like fall, then back to scorching hot again. While the Midwest is more well-known for its harsh and frigid winters, the summers can be very hot, too.

When the months turn warmer and humidity rises, the only sure way to cool your home is with a ductless mini-split system. For those with an older or inefficient AC, upgrading with a mini-split system is an excellent choice. For reliable HVAC and AC installation services, call the professionals at Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling in Peru, IN.

We have over fifty years of history serving the Peru community of our friends and neighbors with safe, efficient, and quality HVAC and mini-split installation services. We have the tools, equipment, and knowledge to handle any AC installation needs on time and within your budget. Our friendly and talented HVAC technicians make customer service a top priority and continue to help homeowners in Peru with all their HVAC needs every day, particularly when it comes to air quality.

What is a Mini-Split System?

Everybody has heard of an air conditioner, but you might not know what a ductless mini-split system is. In a conventional window unit AC system, the warm air inside gets blown over an ice-cold refrigerant coil, cooling the air. While a window unit or central AC is similar to a mini-split system, there are slight differences.  

A ductless mini-split system works roughly the same as a traditional system with a fundamental difference. A central AC system blows cool air through ductwork that runs behind the walls. The airflow can be controlled slightly, but it cools the whole house.

Mini-split systems are unique because they don’t require ducts. They work by cooling air and then pumping it directly inside the rooms with a small unit installed. This means each room can be set at a different temperature, providing much more convenience and control. It allows for better comfort, a nice cool home, and a system that runs efficiently, too.

Mini-Split System Installation Services

Our mini-split installation services make it incredibly easy to make your home in Peru cool and comfortable, not just in summer but all year round. One of the best benefits of installing a mini-split system is that it doesn’t require the same upkeep as a central air system because it has no ducts. Ducts require regular cleaning and maintenance services. Instead of ducts, our HVAC technicians only need to install and run small tubes, which carry the refrigerant,

Then, we install indoor wall units in every room where you want a mini-split AC. There’s one large unit that’s installed outside and powers all the smaller units indoors. That’s why mini-split ACs are so convenient, once we’re finished installing the system, you can have a comfortable home even during the middle of July.

Benefits of Installing a Mini-Split AC System

Though some people think installing a cheap window unit is the more cost-effective option, mini-split systems are the way to go for a long-term investment. There are many benefits provided by a ductless mini-split system, including:

Quick and Simple Installation

Even if you already have a cooling system installed, the professional technicians at Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling can easily and quickly upgrade you to a mini-split system. The installation process is simple: our skilled technicians will drill tiny holes in the wall and run lines for the refrigerant. No extensive ductwork is required!

Homes with no existing ductwork system can also easily handle a mini-split system. However, we can still easily, quickly, and safely install a mini-split AC system even in homes with ducts. The new system circumvents the existing ductwork and only has to rely on the wall units in each room.

Comprehensive Control

There’s a wall unit in each room with a ductless mini-split system, and they have their thermostat. This is ideal for people with large families who like to have a more comprehensive level of control.

Better Overall Efficiency

Another great benefit to installing a mini-split AC system is that they have powerful yet highly efficient performance. It helps save money on monthly energy bills, especially compared to a central AC system. Central systems lose about 25% to 30% of cool air through the ductwork during daily operation, making them far less efficient than a mini-split.

Mini-Split Installation Services in Peru

When you want to stay cool, comfortable, and air-conditioned all summer long, call the Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling experts. We can install a powerful yet efficient ductless mini-split AC system, allowing for excellent control and even saving money. We’re also just a phone call away for emergency HVAC services, waiting to help you when you need it most. Call us today to learn more or schedule a consultation for a new ductless mini-split system, 

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