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Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning Services in Peru, IN

Clogged drains can be caused by many things and are very frustrating to homeowners. Drain clogs can grow worse over time when the cause is not addressed. DIY solutions can give temporary relief, but can also make the problem worse. More expensive repairs can be needed in the near future if this issue is not handled promptly.

Chemical drain cleaners might offer a solution but only cause worse problems by corroding the plumbing pipes. They can also just push the clog further down the plumbing system where it will be harder to fix. This blockage can build in size over time causing worse problems including burst pipes, water damage, and more.

Don’t put up with partially blocked or blocked drains in your home. Call professional cleaning services like Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling to fix the problem promptly and do it right. We can clean the plumbing lines completely so the blockages will stop happening.

Knowing When it is Time To Call In a Professional Drain Cleaning Service

The home’s drains will provide you with clear signs that professional help is needed. When one or more home drains are having these problems, give us a call for help.

Slow Draining

When one or more drains or appliances are draining too slowly, it can be a sign of build-up in the pipes or blockages that can lead to burst pipes or water backing up into the house.

Standing Water

If taking a shower leads to a bathtub full of water or brushing your teeth leads to a sink with standing water, there is a problem. The sink, tub, or shower are not draining water fast enough and that is caused by obstructed drain pipes. The problem will not go away on its own. If they will not drain at all, it is time to call in professional help ASAP.

Strange Sounds

The home’s plumbing pipes should be pretty quiet except for the sound of running water when a faucet is turned on or an appliance is running. If there are weird sounds in the pipes like gurgling, bubbling, or even banging or thumps, the water is having trouble moving in the lines due to blockages or breaks in the pipes. This may be happening along with reduced water pressure.

Bad Smell

When drains are not working right, there can be a build-up of sewage in the home’s pipes. This problem is accompanied by bad smells like sewage, a musty smell, or a gas-like scent. It is worse in warm weather.

Fruit Flies

If your kitchen drain is not working correctly, you can have a problem with fruit flies because they are attracted to the food left in the pipes or garbage disposal.

Frequent Need to Plunge

If you need to plunge the toilet frequently or if toilets are overflowing, there is a problem needing professional attention. There is probably a larger blockage further down in your pipes.

More Than One Drain is Clogged at the Same Time

If several drains seem to be clogged at the same time regularly, there is a larger problem like a main sewer line clog affecting your whole plumbing system.

A professional plumbing service such as Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling can clear this problem up by doing a drain pipe cleaning with powerful tools. This will be done without harsh chemicals that can corrode pipes. The plumbing technicians know how to find the clogs and clear them away so you can move forward without a clogged-up drainage system.

A thorough drain cleaning can fix the problems permanently and extend the lifetime of the drainage pipes. It can save the homeowner the price of an expensive repiping service in the future.

Peru, IN Drain Cleaning

If you have been looking for drain cleaning help near you, just give Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling a call. Our friendly, qualified technicians have seen every plumbing problem there is. They have the training and tools to diagnose and take care of drain blockage correctly the first time. They will come quickly and work efficiently to get your drainage system working perfectly.

For all the plumbing problems you may encounter in Peru, you can get dependable, fairly priced help with one phone call. And if you have a plumbing emergency at odd hours, we have emergency services available. You can get help whenever you need it.

Homeowners and their families deserve the convenience and comfort of a plumbing system that is working correctly. Contact us to learn more about our services and to schedule an appointment. We offer the best skills and service at less cost than our competitors.

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