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Well Repair

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Well Repair Services in Marion

If you suspect that there’s an issue with your deep-water well, it can be very difficult to diagnose the issue. All the action is happening out of sight, and truly understanding the issue might not be possible until you’ve completed the complicated task of lifting the water pipe and the submersible water pump out of the well.

However, observing the exact symptoms of your well’s issues can give you a hint as to where the problem may lie and what a well repair service will need to do. The following are the most common issues that occur with deep-water wells, possible causes, and the potential fixes that a professional can perform to get your well back in working order.

No Water

If you turn on the sink and no water is coming out, there are two possible issues. The first one (the one we hope for) is that the problem is a tripped circuit breaker and the power to the pump has simply been shut off. If this is the case, you only need to flip the breaker back on. However, if this is not the case, then the pump of the well itself is likely the issue.

Water levels could be causing the pump to struggle. In spring and summer, homeowners tend to use more water, and the water table can dip below the pump’s reach. Reducing water usage for a few days can allow the water table to rise, correcting the problem. The well will completely recover in the winter and early spring, making it a simple well repair. However, if the area is in a drought, the issue of water table levels could become much more severe.

The best (and most cost-effective) fix is to lower the pump deeper into the well by adding more piping at the top, allowing the pump to reach the water. If the well’s depth ends before the pump can be submerged, a new well is required.

Sputtering Water

Sputtering water means that there is air in the system, oftentimes coming in through a crack in the pump or piping. A professional can help pull the well and find the issue.

Cloudy Water

If your water has a muddy quality to it, the water table may have lowered, and your well is pulling in from shallow water, bringing silt and dirt with it. This issue could also be caused by a malfunctioning pump. Due to the damage sand and silt can cause to your fixtures, this issue needs to be handled immediately.

Pricey Utility Bill

If your bill is far higher than expected, the issue might be your pump. A malfunctioning pump or pressure switch could be driving up your costs.

Bad Taste or Smell

Well water is open to the elements. Harmless bacteria, silt, sand, or even waste in the soil can give your water a strange taste or odor. This can be frustrating, but it’s not always dangerous. A professional can help you determine whether the issue stems from a corroded pipe or if your water needs further testing. In the meantime, drink filtered or bottled water.

Pressure Switch Issues

In some cases, the pressure switch will not turn on, even if the tank drops below a level that requires new water to be pumped. The contact surfaces on the switch might need professional cleaning or replacement to restore your well to working order.

Wrong Pump Size

There’s a chance your well’s issue could be due to its pump size. If you don’t have a strong enough pump to service your whole home, it could be struggling to produce the volume of water your household needs. One of our knowledgeable Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling technicians can check to see if pump size is the problem.

Marion Well Repair

If you have been searching “well repair near me,” you’ve come to the right place! Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling has the equipment and know-how to diagnose and repair your well quickly and effectively the first time. We’ve seen every plumbing issue and know how to handle a tricky well water situation without breaking the bank. 

With more than twelve locations across Indiana, one in Ohio, and one in Illinois, you can rest easy knowing one of our friendly professionals is right around the corner.

Schedule a service today or contact us at (765) 613-0053 to get the help you deserve at a cost-effective rate.

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