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Sewage Pump Installation

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Sewage Pump Installation in Marion

While they’re not often at the forefront of our minds, a sewage pump can quickly become the problem that brings an entire household or business to a halt. A sewage pump problem can easily turn into a pressing issue and might indicate the need for a new sewage pump entirely. Most homes will need a new sewage pump every seven to ten years, though they can last longer with regular maintenance.

Signs It’s Time to Install a New Sewage Pump

If you’ve found this article, there’s a good chance your sewage pump is showing signs of wear and tear or is displaying symptoms of its age. Here are the most common signs your sewage pump needs repair or replacement.

Dirty Water

The purpose of a sewage pump is to move dirty water away from your home or business. If you’re seeing murky or discolored water, your sewage pump could be the culprit.

Pump Won’t Start

If your pump will not start or struggles to start, you could be facing a simple issue like a blown fuse or a more complicated problem, like electrical issues or a “dead” sewage pump.

Pump Constantly Cycles

This can be an issue with the switch or motor, or it could indicate that one of the pipes is clogged.  However, not being able to figure out what “stage” of the cycling process your pump is in and noticing that the fixture is constantly cycling are both indicators that there’s some sort of issue.

On occasion, homeowners will bypass the float switch (which turns the pump’s motor on and off automatically) if the switch has stopped working properly and the system is struggling to clear a blockage. 

A float switch can stop working for several reasons: The float could be trapped or weighed down by solid matter, making it unable to float, or the switch’s housing could be jammed by debris, keeping the float from rising.

If this is the case, bypassing the switch and supplying the sewage pump with continuous power is a perfectly fine option to empty the holding vessel. However, this is not a long-term solution and can lead to the burnout of your sewage pump very quickly. Call in a professional as soon as possible to return your pump to direct-power operation. Luckily, float switch problems are fairly easy to fix – and are much cheaper than replacing a burnt-out unit.

Strange Noises

If you hear any clanging noises or anything that indicates movement, there could be an issue with the plumbing fixture and pipes.

Activated Alarm

If the alarm on your sewage pump is going off, this is usually an indication of overheating due to constantly cycling, which wears out the motor. The alarm could also indicate that there is an issue with the unit’s switch. However, it’s important to note that the alarm will not always activate if there is an issue.

Unfortunately, it’s an often-forgotten part of original installation among technicians that are newer to the job or are less familiar with sewage pump installation. If you suspect that there is an issue with your sewage pump and the alarm has not gone off, you should still operate under the assumption that there is a problem and call for professional help.

In most cases, sewage pump issues can be fixed. However, if the unit is near the end of its life, it might need to be replaced. Hiring a sewage pump installation service is the most cost-effective way to avoid potential errors in the installation process.  

Sewage Pump Installation Near Me

Sewage pump installation is not a home improvement project that you want to DIY. From potentially disastrous situations to frustrating issues with a big price tag, tackling a sewage pump alone can be a costly decision for homeowners without specialized knowledge in the field. Investing in a sewage pump installation service is the best way to ensure you’re getting the work you need to be done correctly the first time.

For local Marion sewage pump installation, you can rely on Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling. We’ve seen every plumbing problem under the sun and can ensure that your sewage pump is perfectly installed and ready to go. 

And because we know that plumbing problems have a knack for occurring after hours, we have emergency plumbing services so that you can get in touch with a knowledgeable professional at any hour of the day or night.

At Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling, we’re proud to serve the Marion area. We provide the service you deserve at a price that won’t break the bank. Schedule a plumbing service with us today or contact us at (765) 613-0053.

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