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Frozen Pipes

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Frozen Pipe Services in Marion

Even as we transition to spring weather, it’s important to remember that cold snaps are common in the Marion area. It’s easy to forget about protecting our plumbing when the air gets warmer, and it’s even easier to be caught off-guard by frozen pipes.

How to Protect Against Frozen Pipes

When a cold front rolls in, the best way to protect against frozen pipes is to be prepared in the first place. Take the following precautions to protect your pipes against cracks and bursts due to severe weather:

Allow Your Faucets to Drip 

While this can seem frustrating, it is much cheaper to pay for a bit of dripped water than a burst pipe (and the accompanying 250 gallons of water that can escape in a single day).

Seal Up Cracks and Holes 

If you have small spaces under cabinets near your pipes that could use some repair, try to seal them or cover them to keep cold air away from exposed piping.

Open Cabinet Doors 

It can be difficult for the warm air circulating in your home to reach pipes that are hidden away behind cabinet doors. Keep cabinet doors open to give your pipes a little extra warmth.

Keep the Heat On 

Similar to allowing warm air to reach your under-cabinet pipes, keeping the heat on in your home can protect your piping system. If you have a space heater, you could leave it nearby while adhering to the safety restrictions.

Add Extra Insulation to Your Pipes

Adding a bit more insulation to exposed pipes, if possible, is a great way to help prevent cold air from taking over.

Signs of Frozen or Burst Pipes

Think a pipe in your home might be frozen or already burst? These warning signs are good indicators that some damage has already been done.

Lack of Water 

If there is no water coming from an open faucet (or you’re only seeing a weak trickle), it means one of your pipes is likely blocked by ice.

Visible Ice or Condensation 

If the outside of an exposed pipe is icy or has condensation on it, that likely means the inside is frozen. You’ll most likely see this issue on pipes that are underneath floors, in the basement, or near exposed walls.

Bad Smell 

Your sewer lines can freeze just as easily as water pipes. If you’re noticing an unpleasant smell, you could be facing a frozen sewer line.

Clanging or Banging Noises 

This could be from pieces of ice flowing through your pipes. However, these noises don’t always mean you’re in the clear, and you’ll want to call in a professional.

Visible Cracks 

If your pipe is cracked and not leaking, there could still be ice blocking the water. However, when it thaws, water will begin to come through the leaking pipe, possibly causing it to burst.

Pooled Water, Damp Drywall, Rings on the Ceiling, or Bulging Areas 

These are all signs of potentially burst pipes.

If you’re noticing any of these issues, call a professional immediately. While a frozen or burst pipe might already be present, there’s still time to prevent further damages to your home.

Assistance with Marion Frozen Pipes

It is unwise to try to fix these issues on your own. DIY methods can lead to significantly more damage, especially if you utilize an open flame for thawing or don’t have the knowledge you need to correctly repair a pipe. Calling in a team of dedicated professionals is your most cost-effective and long-term fix.

Let Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling take the pressure off of you and your home’s pipes. We’ve seen it all, and we know the best ways to care for your home so you can get back to caring for your family. And with our emergency services, you can speak with a skilled technician at any hour of the day or night—because plumbing issues don’t wait until morning.

Fixing Frozen Pipes Near Me

In Marion, frozen pipes are a common issue, one that should be taken care of quickly and efficiently.

If frozen pipes have caused your pipes to burst or become damaged in any way, Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling has the know-how you need to repair and replace piping at a cost-effective rate. We have more than 40 years of experience in all kinds of plumbing issues and can provide the service you deserve at a price you can afford.

With more than twelve locations in Indiana, one of our friendly professionals is just around the corner. Schedule a service today or contact us at (765) 613-0053.

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