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Plumbing Repair in Marion

Is it time to call a plumber? Unfortunately, some homeowners don’t know when a plumber’s services are needed. While not all plumbing issues are as serious or dramatic as a burst pipe that is spraying water throughout the home, plumbing problems need to be addressed quickly so they don’t worsen.

The question is – when should plumbers be called? Keep reading to find some of the top plumbing issues that indicate a serious plumbing problem that needs to be addressed.

Gurgling Sounds

If the toilet or washing machine has begun to make weird gurgling sounds, it may just be the house. However, it could also be a sign there is a blockage. If the pipes are gurgling and they never did that in the past, it is almost guaranteed to be a blockage.

It is good to call a plumber to inspect the pipes, especially when the noises get louder. If a pipe is blocked, a leak may be down the road. This occurs if the blockage present keeps the water from flowing through them, and if the pressure builds up so much, it pushes out on the pipes with a large amount of force. In some rare situations, the gurgling may be caused by a collapsed pipe. It is good to pay attention to the drains’ issues to know when it is time to call for professional help.

Plunging Doesn’t Help

If a toilet in the house is clogged, and the plunger is not effective at clearing the clog, it means there is a more serious problem. Chances are, there is some type of blockages further down the pipe that the plunger cannot move. In some cases, a toilet snake will be needed to eliminate the blockage. With the help of a plumber, it is possible to get the toilet running properly once again.

Strange Sewage Smells

If there is an odor of raw sewage, there may be a cracked sewage pipe under the house or street. Repairing a sewage line can be tricky, and it can be gross, which is why this is not a DIY project.

Raw sewage has a horrible, sulfurous smell. Sometimes people confuse it with the odor that gas produces. However, if someone suspects gas to be the issue – not sewage – they need to get in touch with the professionals right away. Gas leaks are much more dangerous than sewage leaks.

The Sinks and Showers Don’t Drain Properly

If the sinks and bathtub are not draining properly, the first course of action needs to be going to the local store to purchase some type of blockage remedy. Just make sure not to use chemical drain cleaners too often, which can cause damage to the pipes.

Also, the chemical drain cleaners can effectively remove some materials, such as human hair. However, if there is a solid item creating a blockage, the problem will be more difficult to handle. It is a good idea to call a plumber to find out the issue and fix the problem as quickly as possible.

While it may not seem like that big of a deal, it is essential to handle this type of issue as quickly as possible. If water begins to stand in sinks and showers, it can create an unhygienic situation and will become a breeding ground for bacteria and other nasty things.

The Drains Are Moving Painfully Slow

If there is a drain or drains that are draining, but they move extremely slow, a plumber can determine what the issue is. While a homeowner may want to try a few DIY solutions first, a plumber will be able to get to the bottom of the issue quickly and take care of the problem.

Constantly Dripping Faucet(s)

Does the dripping never stop? Even if the tap is closed extremely well, is there still a drip? The drips may eventually result in over 3,000 gallons of wasted water per year. It is a good idea to call a plumber to handle this issue right away. This professional can help ensure the situation does not get worse and cause even more problems.

When it comes to plumbing problems, many issues may occur. Knowing when to call a plumber can help reduce the possibility that the situation will worsen and cause even more problems. Being informed is the best way to ensure the desired results are achieved and that the problem present is taken care of. Being told is the best way to ensure the desired results are achieved and that a plumbing problem is handled quickly.

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