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Sewer Line Replacement

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Sewer Line Replacement in Marion

Sewer lines, thankfully, are meant to last for a long time. Although it’s dependent on what material your sewer line is made of, a sewer line replacement is hopefully a once-in-a-lifetime event:

  • Cast Iron Pipes:  Last 75-100 years
  • Clay Pipes:  Last up to 100 years
  • Cement Pipes:  Last up to 100 years
  • Orangeburg Pipes:  Last around 50 years
  • PVC Pipes:  Last over 100 years

When taken care of by regular maintenance and vigilant attention, some of these systems can last for an incredibly long amount of time. But when you need a sewer line replacement in Marion, IN, turn to the team at Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling.

When to Call a Professional Sewer Line Replacement Service in Marion

If you’ve been searching for“sewer line replacement near me,” then something in your home has probably already started to hint at the presence of an issue. And although this can be an unpleasant ordeal to handle, replacing your sewer line before problems grow worse is one of the best ways to prevent further complications down the road. 

These common symptoms and causes often indicate your home’s need for a sewer line replacement service – or at the very least a check-up of your system.  

Draining Issues

Most clogs in a home occur in a single fixture like a bathroom sink or shower. However, when multiple fixtures are having a hard time draining, the problem could be the sewer line itself. Keep an eye on how quickly dishwashers, washing machines, and the like are draining, as well.

Water Damage

If a drain line leaks or breaks in your home, you might see discoloration, mold, or mildew on your walls and floors.

Sour-Smelling Yard

If your yard is flooding or has a bad smell to it, the cause could be a broken sewer line. This one is particularly noticeable in warmer areas where lines tend to be closer to the surface (as colder areas need pipes set deeper in the ground to avoid freezing).

Tree Near Sewer Lines

Tree roots look for nutrient-rich soil and a source of water – two things sewer pipes can provide. However, these roots can cause a break in your sewer line.

Extreme Temperatures

If your area has experienced an uncharacteristically cold winter, your pipes may have frozen. This can lead to movement of the pipes, contracting that causes cracks, or even icy blockages that weaken your pipes’ materials.


While the materials used to make sewer lines are crafted from rust-resistant materials, wear and tear – as well as the high chances of calcium and magnesium build-up – can lead to corroded pipes.

Foreign Objects

Allowing materials not made for your sewer pipe to go through them can cause substantial damage. Flushing paper towels and wrappers or pouring out grease and oil into the sink can all contribute to a pipe-breaking clog.

Unfortunately, homeowners insurance normally doesn’t cover the cost of sewer line damage unless that damage is done by another party, which, as you can imagine, is rare. That is why regular maintenance and catching problems before they occur can be so helpful as a homeowner.

The Process:  Sewer Line Replacement and Repair

Sometimes, it’s just unavoidable. After a technician sends a video camera into your line to make an initial diagnosis, you’ll likely be working with one of these three scenarios.

Pipe Lining

This is your best-case scenario. This is a “trenchless” sewer line repair, meaning you will not have to dig up your yard. If the damage is minimal, then you won’t need to replace the entire line, only a small part. Your technician will carefully insert an inflatable, epoxy-covered tube into the existing line. After inflation, the epoxy hardens, preventing future leaks.

Pipe Bursting

Another trenchless repair, pipe bursting requires a new pipe and is more involved. A technician will use a cone-shaped tool to break the existing pipe underground, immediately replacing it with a new one. While this procedure does not damage your yard, it tends to be a time-consuming and expensive method.

Traditional Replacement

Unfortunately, there are times that the pipes are beyond repair if there’s been extensive damage. A traditional replacement requires technicians to excavate to reveal the broken pipes and lines below.

Marion Sewer Line Replacement

If you need a sewer line replacement service, Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling is here to help. We’re proud to serve the Marion area and know that speedy and cost-effective plumbing service is of the utmost importance to you and your household. Our friendly technicians have seen every plumbing issue, and they have the knowledge and equipment you need to get the job done.

Schedule a service with us today or call us at (765) 613-0053 to get the service you deserve at a price that won’t break the bank.

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