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Pipe Thawing

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Pipe Thawing in Marion

Whether your pipes are made of steel, copper, or plastic, pipes of all materials are at risk of freezing during the winter months. The risk grows exponentially when cold weather is combined with a low wind chill and poor insulation.

When water turns to ice in your pipes, it expands, creating a blockage that slowly builds up in pressure. If this occurs in your home, the best solution is to help your pipes thaw immediately.

You can tell that your pipes are frozen if an open faucet produces no running water or a slow trickle when it should be producing a strong flow.

Your pipes may also be frozen when the water meter shows movement even when all fixtures are turned off or you find pooled water in your home. Both of these signs indicate that a pipe has already cracked or burst.

The Best Remedy for Frozen Pipes

It can be tempting to let the situation resolve itself, especially if you’re still getting some water through your pipes, albeit at a low water pressure. So you might be asking, “Why not just let my pipes thaw out on their own?”

This certainly seems like the simplest solution. If you just wait for the cold weather to pass, everything will return to normal, right? Unfortunately, this is not the case.

While waiting it out might be a solution for some appliances and fixtures, it’s not the best approach for pipes. You’ll want to consider a pipe thawing service.

The frozen blockage can continue to expand inside your pipes and lead to a burst pipe. When the pressure becomes too great, either the ice or the pipe will have to give—a costly roll of the dice for homeowners. This event can even occur once the ice in the pipe has already begun to thaw.

A cracked or burst pipe can dump more than 250 gallons of water in a single 24-hour period, causing skyrocketing water bills, flooding, or other issues during extremely cold weather (not exactly the ideal snow day).

Marion Pipe Thawing

There are ways to thaw your pipes on your involving hours with a hairdryer or a combination of heating pads and hope. However, without the right precautions, DIY methods can cause your pipes to expand too quickly (another way to put the integrity of your pipes’ strength at risk) or cause damage to your home in general.

You’ve likely seen the stories of entire homes burning down due to an attempt to dethaw pipes with open flames. Thawing out your pipes can be a frustrating process and no one wants to put their family at risk.

Avoid further issues or potentially dangerous situations. It truly is more cost-effective in the long run to call in a professional pipe thawing service to get the expertise you need at a price you can afford.

This is where Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling comes in. Our friendly professionals know exactly how to avoid damage to your pipes with a controlled thawing process. In most cases, this will involve a combination of external heat and running warm water (at just the right temperature) through your pipes to gently thaw the ice and remove the blockage.

This process will depressurize your plumbing at a safe speed, protecting two of your greatest investments:  Your home and the piping within.

Pipe Thawing Near Me

Looking for a pipe thawing service nearby? Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling is proud to serve the Marion area. Our technicians can diagnose and assist you with any plumbing problem. We have the equipment and know-how to fix the issue correctly the first time.

And because we know that plumbing emergencies have a knack for occurring outside of business hours, we offer emergency availability. We also offer frequent online specials; we know how to provide the services you need within your budget.

With numerous locations across Indiana, as well as one in Ohio and one in Illinois, you can rest easy knowing that the help you need is just right around the corner.

Don’t let frozen pipes lead to a pricey repair or a potential emergency. Get the help you deserve at a cost-effective rate, knowing that we treat your family like our family. Schedule a service today or give us a call at (765) 613-0053 to get in contact with some of the best plumbing professionals in the industry.

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