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Toilet Leaks

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Toilet Leaks in Marion

Trouble can take many forms when it comes to your toilet. But one of the most obvious—and most destructive—ways your toilet can malfunction is when it leaks. From small trickles to massive amounts of water, toilet leaks can spread far beyond the fixture itself, causing damage to the bathroom floor and walls, as well as any rooms located below the leak.

When you need help taking care of toilet leaks in Marion, make Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling your first choice. We’ve been providing plumbing services to Marion homeowners for more than 50 years, and with our team of licensed and insured plumbing technicians, you can rely on the professionals to get to the root cause of your toilet leaks.

Marion Toilet Leaks Service

While many toilet leaks develop over time, most homeowners only notice a leak once it’s reached a critical point. Any time you’re dealing with potential water damage, you need to take action fast. That’s why we have technicians available, to handle any of your plumbing emergencies.

Even if your toilet isn’t leaking into your bathroom, excess water running through your toilet can dramatically increase the amount of money you spend on your water bill. While water on the floor is the most obvious sign you have a toilet leak, here are some less obvious symptoms:

  •     Ghost flushing—toilet flushes on its own
  •     Trickling or running water sound when the toilet isn’t in use
  •     Toilet runs unless you jiggle the handle
  •      The Toilet tank won’t empty unless you hold down the handle
  •     Water continues to trickle down the side of the bowl after flushing

No matter the leak’s size, your best bet for stopping toilet leaks is calling a professional, like the plumbers at Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling. Their technicians have the experience and the knowledge to track leaks to their source, then find a solution that will protect your home from water damage while saving you money.

Types of Toilet Leaks

Several factors can lead to your toilet developing a leak. Here are some of the most common leaks we come across:


While usually very rugged fixtures, your toilet may still develop cracks, generally in the bowl or the tank. These cracks typically form due to repeated stress or an accident, such as dropping a heavy object on your toilet. The cracks may start small but will eventually spread more quickly.

Toilet Seal Failure

Your toilet’s base connects to your home’s plumbing via a toilet flange, which has two bolts that hold the toilet in place. On that flange is a wax ring, which is compressed by the toilet to create a waterproof seal that prevents water from spilling out onto your floor.

When this wax ring fails, you’ll start to see water pooling on your bathroom floor, and you can usually trace it back to the base of your toilet. This ring can fail for several reasons, from wear and tear over time to losing bolts on your toilet.

Tank-to-Bowl Connection

Depending on your toilet’s construction, your tank and bowl may be connected with gaskets and held together with nuts and bolts. Over time, those bolts can loosen, and the gaskets can wear out and lose their waterproof properties.

Flush Valve Assembly

Inside your tank is a valve that operates your toilet’s flushing. Throughout many flushes, parts can wear out and become misaligned. This can cause internal leaks in your toilet, forcing it to run even when it is not in use.

Worn Flapper

This part of the flush valve assembly opens to allow water to flush from the tank into the bowl. When the flapper becomes worn, it can no longer block the opening. This can keep your tank from filling as water continuously runs into the bowl, making it impossible to flush.

Toilet Leaks Repair Near Me

The experts at Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling have years of experience fixing Marion toilet leaks and a wide variety of other plumbing services. We’re dedicated to providing our customers 100% satisfaction, and we’ll do whatever we can to ensure that you’re happy with the service you receive. When you need service for your toilet leaks, call or contact Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling today, and we’ll send a technician to make your plumbing whole again.

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