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Toilet Repair

Toilet Repair Services in Greenfield, IN

No homeowner wants to wait for long when something used as frequently as a toilet stops working as it should. While some minor repairs can be performed by homeowners themselves, more significant repairs are best left to plumbing professionals.

At Summers Plumbing Heating and Cooling, we employ a team of experienced plumbing technicians who are all licensed and insured to guarantee that any work being done inside your home is done correctly and under local regulations. We’ve been serving Greenfield, IN, and the surrounding communities for over 50 years and are ready to help you with any plumbing-related problem.

Most Common Toilet Problems

Many people take functional toilets for granted, with very little knowledge of how they work. When it comes to common household fixtures, toilets are fairly complicated. While most people know to remedy issues like basic clogs, there are others they should be aware of that may require the attention of a professional.

Wet Floors and Pooling Water

Every toilet has an intake pipe located in its rear. Sometimes, condensation can form on this pipe. If enough forms, it can fall to the floor and create a puddle on the floor. This problem will usually occur on humid days and does not require repair. 

However, a similar symptom can appear when a toilet’s shutoff valve starts to leak. Pools formed due to a shutoff valve issue may be larger than ones caused by condensation on the intake pipe. Homeowners who suspect the shutoff valve is to blame will want to contact a plumbing professional to take a look at the issue.

Running Toilets

Toilets should stop running shortly after they’ve been flushed. But, if there’s a leak in the toilet’s tank, they won’t refill properly.

Leaks in the toilet tank drain into the toilet ball itself. When these leaks drain far enough, a float inside the toilet tank drops, and more water gets brought into the tank to replace what was lost to the leak. This cycle can continue uninterrupted, leading to gallons of wasted water and hefty water utility bills.

There are a few potential elements of a toilet that can lead to these leaks, including the tank float or fill valve. A plumbing professional will be able to determine what is causing the running and repair the responsible elements to save you water and money. 

Consistent Clogging

The occasional toilet clog is not uncommon and can usually be cleared easily without the help of a professional. However, frequent clogs are indicators that something within the toilet is not functioning correctly. Regular clogs could signal broken parts or issues with a home’s sewer lines.

No Flushing

Toilets should only require one flush after use to clear them correctly. If it takes more than one flush to clear the bowl, the toilet may not have an adequate water pressure or may have an issue with its water jets.

A plumbing professional will able to determine whether the pressure issue is unique to the toilet or a widespread issue in a home’s plumbing system and will be able to repair water jets for a more thorough flush.

Cracks or Scratches

Cracking on the surfaces of a toilet is not only a cosmetic problem. They can make it difficult to clean the toilet thoroughly, which can be unsightly and unhygienic. Cracks are also likely to worsen over time and can eventually force the issue of replacing a toilet altogether. If left unaddressed, cracks can lead to leaks that can cause severe damage not only in the bathroom but to any part of the house the water from the leak reaches.

Toilet Replacements

Homeowners who find themselves in need of frequent repairs or facing continual problems with a toilet are likely dealing with a toilet whose components are so worn out that replacing it is a more economical option than continuing with constant repairs.

Opting to install a newer toilet may have more benefits than just improved function. Some models have increased efficiency that helps to save water and lessen your home’s environmental impact, as well as lowering your monthly utility bill. There are aesthetic benefits as well, with new models that can fit any home’s style.  

Local Toilet Repair Services

The professional plumbing technicians that Summers Plumbing Heating and Cooling are experienced and ready to resolve any challenges homeowners and business owners may be facing with their toilets. Whether you’re looking to repair a damaged fixture or upgrade to a more efficient one, Summers Plumbing Heating and Cooling is ready to help. 

Since 1969, Summers Plumbing Heating and Cooling will have been providing the best service to homeowners in Muncie, IN. Contact us today for information on how we can help you.


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