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There is nothing better than taking in a good breath of fresh air, but do we even know what fresh air is anymore? In our homes, the air is filled with so many invisible particles. To remove those, you might want to consider High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters (HEPA) and electrostatic systems. These, when working together, can reduce the pollutants in the air by up to 99.97%. But when it comes to particles such as pollen, dust, and grim, UV light is unbeatable at removing them.

Our team at Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling in Greenfield has been serving the community for many years now, providing HVAC UV light installation services to the homes that need it.

Why We Are the Best

We at Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling in Greenfield have ensured our team is full of friendly and professional HVAC technicians. All our technicians are fully trained and hold the relevant license. Each member of staff that we employ is ready and waiting to install and maintain your HVAC UV light system. Our team is also more than happy to provide any help and advice that you might need along the way. We have employed a team that is committed to delivering the best service to you, so you can rest assured that you will get only the best service from Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling.

UV Light Installation

Your home will most likely already have an HVAC system installed, whether it was by our company or not. It doesn’t matter what type of filtration system you currently have installed in your home, the installation of a UV light will improve the air quality massively. It does so by using the HEPA system that we talked about at the start, with the UV light, to eliminate the pollutants from the air. At the same time, the biological agents that can cause the most harm by triggering allergies or inducing illness, are also destroyed.

We offer two different types of UV light installation services at Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling in Greenfield. The first is our air sanitizing lights. These are installed into the air ducts already in your home. They work by killing the biological agents as the air passes over the UV light before they exit through the registers and spread through your home. Therefore, the air you breathe should be nearly 100% pure by the time it gets to your home.

The second type of UV light installation service we offer is to install coil sanitizing lights. Unlike with the air sanitizing lights which focus on the air ducts in your home, sanitizing coils are placed in your home’s air conditioning unit, particularly on the refrigerant coils. These coils play a big role in dehumidifying your home and dispersing cool oil as and when it needs to. As the humidity is pulled from your home and into the air conditioning unit, it creates condensation. This condensation traps particles such as hair, pollen, and grime.

Once these particles have been collected, the perfect breeding ground for biological agents is formed, in particular, bacteria and mold. Mold is very harmful to the human body, and if mold has formed inside your AC unit and you are then using it, you will be breathing in the mold spores. However, if you were to have a coil sanitizing light installed, you would be eliminating the chance of mold and bacteria growth.


There are many advantages to using our UV light installation service. At Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling in Greenfield, we understand the importance of delivering impeccable service to ensure the community is breathing pure air.

Fewer Allergies

If you suffer from allergies, a UV light or sanitizing coil will become your new best friend. Your home will become your haven as all of the pollutants from the air will be removed, ensuring that allergies are not triggered.

Fewer Illnesses

Mold and other bacteria circulating in the air can cause big health problems. Believe it or not, our UV light installation can also help to remove viruses from the air.

More Efficient

All of those particles in the air can easily cause your AC unit to become slightly blocked over time. Even a slight blockage is going to reduce the efficiency of your AC unit, meaning you are paying more each month. Or, you might find that you struggle to get cold air. UV lights help to keep your AC unit clear and functioning correctly.

Does our HVAC UV light installation service sound like something you are interested in? Give Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling a call today, and one of our friendly experts will be able to talk you through the process.


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