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Air Humidifier

Air Humidifier for the Home in Greenfield, IN

During the summer an air conditioner can help to keep the home cool and the moisture in the air at bay, however, during the winter the air can become extremely dry; especially when the heater is on. The right level of indoor humidity can keep a home comfortable all year long. It is important for maintaining these levels to ensure high indoor air quality and offer interior protection. A whole-house humidifier is a simple solution for achieving these results.

What Is a Whole-House Humidifier?

Humidifiers come in all shapes and sizes. Many popular units are small and portable. While these units are available at a wide variety of stores and are often affordable, they typically only humidify a single room; making it inconvenient for a homeowner. A small unit requires the reservoir to be filled at a continuous rate inside a sink or tub, often leading to a wet mess.

Larger portable models are available, making it easier to humidify a larger area, however, larger models come with their own set of inconveniences. Larger humidifiers are harder to keep filled and don’t always humidify evenly. A home with humidity levels that are not evenly dispersed, can lead to oversaturation and water damage. They are also more costly when compared to the smaller portable units.

A whole-house humidifier solves the problem of a dry home by keeping the home properly humidified day and night. A whole-house humidifier hooks directly into the plumbing and HVAC system and has a constant supply of water; providing an evenly spread humidity level throughout the home through the home’s ductwork. A homeowner can set different levels throughout the home by adjusting the humidifier’s humidistats in various areas of the home.

Benefits of a Whole-House Humidifier

Aside from the convenience, several reasons a homeowner should consider installing a whole-house humidifier, such as the following listed below:

Better Air Quality

Poor air quality in a home can lead to various health issues, such as nasal congestion, throat irritation, and nosebleeds. The flu and other viruses also survive better in drier air, thus increasing the likelihood of someone in the household getting sick. A whole-house humidifier increases the humidity in the home, which reduces the likelihood of viruses and potential suffering from various ailments.

Better Skin Quality

Chapped lips and dry, itchy skin are often due to a lack of moisture in the air. This is especially true in the winter months. Because of the increased humidity levels in a home from a whole-house humidifier, the overall health of one’s skin and lips may improve.

Improving HVAC Efficiency

Humidity levels affect the efficiency of a home’s HVAC system. Humid air makes it hard for evaporation to cool one’s skin, helping the heating system work better. Humid air allows someone to feel warmth longer, thus decreasing the number of times needed to increase the heat levels in the home, saving on utilities.

Types of Whole-House Humidifiers

When looking to purchase a whole-house humidifier, it is important to distinguish between the three main types: steam, drum, and flow-through. Choosing the right humidifier ensures the quality of the humidity in the home.

Steam Humidifiers

A steam humidifier works alongside the heating system to convert water into steam before being introduced into the duct system. They work well in homes that use heat pumps. Steam humidifiers are typically the most energy-efficient option, although they can be costly to purchase.

Drum Humidifiers

A drum humidifier harnesses the power of evaporation to humidity in the home. Air that is produced by the HVAC system moves through a bypassed tube that contains the humidifier, moisturizing the air as it passes through ducts.

Flow-Through Humidifiers

Similar to drum humidifiers, a flow-through humidifier uses evaporation to increase the humidity in the home. However, unlike drum humidifiers, there are not any electrical or moving parts. Instead, flow-through humidifiers dampen a water pan and hot air from the HVAC passes through the pad, carrying the moisture through the duct system in the home.

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Before installing a whole-house humidifier, it is important to determine why the home is too dry. This can be done by identifying air leakages through a blower door test. It is important to contact a professional company to ensure the tests and installation are done properly. Our team of technicians at Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling are more than willing to take on the task. Since 1969 our customer needs have been met all around the Greenfield area with exceptional service. Summers Plumbing, Heating & Cooling will make sure the new system will work properly when the job is done. Contact us today and ensure a comfortable home all year long.


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