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Furnace Installation

Furnace Installation in Greenfield, Indiana

Although furnaces are most often found in older houses and buildings, they are still a useful piece of technology, and depending on the model, can be highly efficient. With furnace installation or replacement in a home, the house’s heating ability will rise.

A furnace is a versatile piece of equipment, and it has an interesting history that showcases humans’ natural ability for technological advancement. Not only have furnaces heated buildings and homes for centuries, but they have also been used industrially to heat-treat materials and to make alloys.

Comprehending Furnaces

Providing a building with heating through the means of a furnace is not a new concept. One of the earliest forms of heating was the furnace, used by the Romans. Their furnace-like structure, the hypocaust, was a fire in the basement corner that heated an entire building. The exhaust of the fire flew through ducts that ran through walls up toward the chimney. This method is not appropriate for wood buildings and poses a threat in terms of fire and suffocation.

During the later centuries, the hypocaust was adapted to be safer and cleaner. People widely used a wood-burning version until the 17th century, when coal became the main fuel source for most furnaces. During the energy crisis in the 1970s, however, electric furnaces became the norm. Now, gas furnaces have become the most used heat source for furnaces, and although these furnaces require annual maintenance, they do not require as much labor as their predecessors to function properly. Early furnace versions required new coal or wood three to five times a day.

Today’s Furnaces

Today, furnaces are often made from steel, brass, copper, fiberglass, and aluminum. Stainless steel fights corrosion and ensures heat exchangers do not malfunction. Aluminized steel is what the body of the furnace and its blowers are often made out of. Fiberglass is used to insulate the furnace cabinet, and brass is used for the valves. Copper is used because of its conductivity for electrical connections and wiring.

Although there are a few differences in how different types of fuel sources heat air, the fuel sources are all used in a forced-air system. In a forced-air system, the air is pushed out of the furnace after it is heated. By igniting the fuel source of the furnace, the air will rapidly heat inside the cabinet. Once the air has reached the requested temperature, fans push the air through the home’s ducts and vents. This is how heat is spread throughout a home.

As furnaces have continued to advance, manufactures have pushed to provide more energy-efficient machines. Some of the newer models have an efficiency score of 98%, meaning little fuel loss is involved with the healing process. Zone heating is a method for even more heating efficiency. By heating specific zones of a building, less heat will go to places that do not need it. For example, if everyone in a home is in a living room, it does not make sense to heat other rooms that people will not use.

Furnace Installation in Greenfield, IN

Installing a furnace can be a complicated process. That is why it is best to leave it to professionals to handle this task. Not only should the furnace function properly by heating the home, but it should not put a household at risk. For example, faulty ductwork can leak hazardous toxins into the air circulating your home. Safety concerns may not be obvious. As mentioned above, homeowners should leave furnace installation to professionals.

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