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Summers Duct Cleaning in Greenfield, IN

Most homeowners want the best environment possible for their home and their families. Unfortunately, many homeowners are unaware of how poor their home’s air quality may be. A well-insulated home that recirculates the air for heating and cooling, may just be recirculating dust, debris, and even allergens. Duct cleaning in Greenfield, IN provides a method for improving the environment in a home.

At Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling, we offer technicians who are trained and equipped to provide a thorough cleaning of the home’s ductwork. For many years, we have been providing exceptional service to meet the needs of our customers to help them keep their homes safe, clean, and comfortable.

Professional Duct Cleaning Service

Dust, debris, pet dander, and other allergens are regularly found in the air. These particles can settle and collect in a home’s ducts. Any moisture or droppings from pests in the ductwork create an environment where bacteria, viruses, and even mold can thrive. When the heating or cooling system is turned on, it blows all these particles throughout the home.

Cleaning the ducts removes these particles and prevents them from being blown into the air of the home. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult for those without the proper training and equipment to properly clean their ducts. This is because the ducts are interwoven throughout the home’s floors and walls.

Fortunately, our technicians have the proper equipment and training to thoroughly clean all the ducts in a home. Our team is comprised of fully trained, licensed, and certified technicians ready to offer professional duct cleaning in any home.

How Duct Cleaning Works

At Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling, our technicians will arrive at the home on time and ready to work. First, they will seal off all the registers and vents in the home and attach a large vacuum system to the ductwork. This will suck out the loose debris and particles from inside the ductwork.

During the vacuuming, the technician will go to each register to clear any stuck debris inside the vents. The technician will use long, flexible brushes and compressed air to loosen any built-up debris in the ducts. As this debris works loose, the vacuum will remove it.

Once they are completed with each register in the home, the technician will provide a thorough cleaning of the heating and cooling systems in the home. They will also change any filters on these units to ensure no more dust or debris is remaining.

The Benefits of Clean Ducts

Once our technicians are finished, homeowners will often notice the benefits of clean ducts immediately with plenty more to come. These benefits can include:

Better Breathing

When the dust, debris, allergens, and other particles are completely removed from the ducts in the home, they cannot be blown through the air. This provides cleaner air in the home and makes it easier for everyone to breathe. This is especially beneficial for those with health issues and allergies.

More Efficient Heating and Cooling 

When dust, debris, and other particles build up in the ducts, it can diminish the airflow. This can cause the heating and cooling systems to work harder to create a comfortable temperature for the entire home. This hard work can increase the energy costs during the use of these systems.

After duct cleaning in Greenfield, IN, the ducts are completely clear and will allow the air to flow unencumbered. In addition, the filters and the units will be clean and free of debris to allow the systems to run more efficiently. Both of these things can reduce energy usage and lower costs.

Cleaner Smelling Home

Dust, debris, allergens, mold, pet dander, and other particles can create foul odors. When these things are built up all through the ducts in the home, the house can sometimes smell musty or off. Cleaning the ducts helps to remove these odors and allows for a better smelling home.

Less Dusting

When the built-up particles in the ducts are blown throughout the home, they do not stay in the air. Eventually, these particles settle on furniture and other items in the home. This creates the need for dusting to keep a home clean and comfortable.

If the debris is not in ducts, it does not blow around the home, nor does it settle on the things around the home. This will help to decrease the need for dusting. This may provide homeowners with a little extra time to relax or enjoy their families.

Duct Cleaning Services Near Me

If you are concerned about what may be building up in your home’s ducts, contact us for a duct cleaning in Greenfield, IN. Our experts at Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling offer professional duct cleaning and other services to help keep your home safe, clean, and comfortable.

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