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Water Heating Maintenance

Water Heater Maintenance in Greenfield, IN

Homeowners rely on their water heaters to ensure they have a steady supply of hot water. To keep a water heater working as it should require regular maintenance. Without maintenance, your water heater is not going to last as long and could end up suffering from frequent breakdowns. It is important to rely on a plumbing expert you can trust.

The plumbing team at Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling has been providing extensive plumbing services since 1969. Over the decades, we have received a high rating from our customers because of our focus on customer service and honesty.

As a part of our many plumbing services, Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling offers water heater maintenance. We will not rest until you have a steady and reliable supply of hot water for your home.

Rely on Professional Water Heater Maintenance Services

Our highly skilled and professional plumbing team will take on any plumbing issues, no matter how big or small. For decades, we have helped countless homeowners keep their water heaters working as they should. When plumbing emergencies arise, our team offers 24/7 emergency services, with fast response times.

What Can You Expect from Water Heater Maintenance Services?

At Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling, our customers have come to rely on our extensive plumbing services for their homes. Multiple steps are involved in the process of water heater maintenance and include the following.

  • We fully check the burners and heating elements.
  • We inspect the thermostat and all components, to make sure they are working correctly.
  • Our team will search for any gas leaks regarding gas water heaters.
  • Our expert plumbers will carefully check the pilot light and gas valves for any signs of problems.
  • We conduct a full inspection of the pressure relief valve.
  • We will also check the drain valve for any signs of leaks.
  • The team will inspect the anode rod for signs of damage and replace it if they are found.

As a part of our extensive water maintenance services, we will also drain your water tank and flush it thoroughly. This service removes any sediment that may have built up in the water tank. Not only does sediment decrease the health and safety of your water, but it can also interfere with your heating elements working properly.

We recommend homeowners have their water heaters maintained at least once a year. These appointments are vital for the operation of your water heater, but they can often be forgotten by busy homeowners. We take away the guesswork and forgetfulness, by taking care of all your maintenance schedule needs.

Benefits of Water Heater Maintenance

Sticking with a regular water heater maintenance schedule is essential for ensuring your water heater functions normally and lasts as long as possible. It is important homeowners in Greenfield understand the benefits of having regular water heater maintenance carried out by our professional plumbers.

We Keep Your Water Heater Running Efficiently

When regular maintenance is performed on a water heater, our professional plumbers can discover minor problems and fix them before they become major problems. These services also allow damaged parts to be replaced promptly, so they do not lead to further damages.

We Extend Your Water Heater’s Lifespan

On average, you can expect your water heater to last around ten to fifteen years, as long as it has been maintained properly. If you neglect servicing your water heater, its lifespan could dramatically decrease.

If you have a warranty on your water heater, you may be required to show proof of maintenance to keep it active. Call us now to schedule your maintenance appointment to get started.

We Improve Performance

When sediment buildups or corrosion occurs, these can diminish the ability of your water heater to heat efficiently. This means the appliance needs to work much harder than it should to heat the water.

Problems with the electronics or burners can also have an impact on the performance of your water heater. We will help you eliminate these problems, so your water heater works as it should.

We Help Lower Your Electricity Costs

When your water heater is not working efficiently, it will lead to increased electricity costs. Leaks can also cause increased costs. During our maintenance appointment, we can discover leaks and fix them right away.

Water Heater Maintenance Near Me

Water heater issues cannot always be avoided, but they are less likely to be problematic when you perform regular water heater maintenance. Since 1969, Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling has been providing HVAC and plumbing services for the residents of Greenfield. Call us today to set up a water heater maintenance schedule right away.

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