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Sewage Pump Installation Services in Muncie, IN

Nobody wants sewage to back up into their home. Not only is this unsightly, but it’s also unhealthy for the occupants of the home. In certain situations, homeowners find they need a sewage injector pump, especially those who have a septic system for their residence. The sewage pump helps to prevent waste from coming back up in the plumbing system and making its way into the home.

Homes with a basement and those with a home where one or more rooms are situations below the main septic or sewer line also often need a device of this type. If you are worried this might be an issue in your residence, call Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling in Muncie to learn if sewage pump installation is necessary. Don’t wait until a plumbing emergency arises to call. Be proactive and make the call today to protect your home from damage.

How Does a Sewage Pump System Work?

Many people are familiar with sump pumps and their function in a home, but that’s not the case with sewage pumps. These two devices have completely different functions in a home. Even those homes with a sump pump may need a sewage pump.

Main wastewater and sewage lines leading out of the home rely on gravity. Rooms or basements that sit below the level of the main sewer line require a sewage pump to move sewage and wastewater to the main lines.

Plumbers typically install the sewage ejector pump system in a sump basin. This basin holds approximately 30 gallons of water on average. The plumber slopes the drain lines from the area below the main sewage line into this basin.

Once the basin reaches a preset level, the pump activates and moves the waste. It elevates this waste to a point where it can drain into the home’s main sewer or septic line. This device differs from a sump pump in that it features a centrifugal pump that can move solid waste without becoming blocked.

If you feel a sewage pump system might be needed in your home to remove waste, viscous substances, and solid objects to the main sewer or septic line, contact us as Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling today.

What Are the Benefits of a Sewage Pump Installation?

People often know the obvious benefits of sewage pump installation. However, they remain unaware of many benefits at this time. Any home in a low-lying area and those residences with a septic system should consider installing one of these devices. The following benefits will be seen with the installation of this device.

Fighting Gravity

Sewage pumps counteract the negative effects of gravity in low-lying areas of the home. When a person flushes solid wastes down the toilet or a drain that sits below the main septic or sewer line, gravity is of no help in removing the wastes from the home. The homeowner must find another way to remove them, and this is where a sewage pump system becomes of great help.

This system ensures the waste is removed in a timely and hygienic manner. Anyone planning to add a bathroom, mudroom, or laundry room to the home should speak with Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling to see if sewage pump installation will be necessary.

Ensuring a Reliable Flow

Homeowners may wonder why the flow of liquids and wastes is inconsistent in their homes. This suggests a sewage pump system may be needed. The system ensures wastewater and other materials flow evenly through the septic system or sewage lines. The pump guarantees waste doesn’t back up into the home leading to a plumbing emergency.

Prevent Waste Buildup in the Residence

Nobody wants waste to build up in their home. Sudden clogs serve as one reason this problem may arise, but a septic system that malfunctions are another. When individuals send improper things through the home’s plumbing system, solid wastes can accumulate in the system. Any waste buildup suggests a sewage pump is needed. The pump moves this waste quickly and efficiently through the home and into the lines that will carry it away.

If you have experienced waste buildup in the home or a blockage, call a licensed plumber to locate the source of the problem. The technicians have the skills and training to determine the problem and find a solution.

Rapid Waste Removal

Choose a quality sewage pump system for the home. Some systems can move up to 200 gallons in one minute, and a plumber becomes of great help in determining what system is best for your home. If the sewage or septic system moves waste, solid objects, and viscous liquids slowly through the system, it will probably clog. The right sewage ejector pump ensures this doesn’t happen by moving waste quickly.

If you have one or more areas in your home that sit below the main sewer or septic line, it’s time to speak to a plumber about sewage pump systems. Many homeowners wait until they have a plumbing emergency to make this call. Don’t make that mistake. Our team of professionals remains available around the clock to help you prevent and correct plumbing issues. Give us a call today.

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