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Boiler Tune-Up

Boiler Tune-Up Service in Muncie, Indiana

A boiler tune-up improves boiler operations. It works to reestablish the air-fuel mixture in the boiler. The oxygen and unburned fuel must be balanced for the boiler to operate safely and efficiently. In addition, our licensed technician measures carbon monoxide concentrations to ensure the burners operate properly. When the technician completes these steps, the efficiency of the boiler improves. 

Who Should Complete this Tune-Up?

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends any modifications and adjustments to the boiler be made by a licensed technician because these activities are dangerous. This individual should be trained in evaluating and adjusting the boiler and burner equipment. With the help of a technician from Summers Plumbing Heating and Cooling, every homeowner will feel confident, as they know nothing was overlooked during the boiler tune-up visit. 

The Basics of a Boiler Tune-Up

An annual boiler tune-up differs from boiler maintenance in several ways. The technician inspects the combustion control components to verify the boiler functions properly. They then move to the burner’s internal components and general boiler conditions to determine if there are any problems. 

The technician observes the flame pattern, dimensions, and burner condition. They measure the flue gas oxygen, carbon monoxide, and emissions content. They may also check the flue gas recirculation flow settings, the flue gas temperature, and more. 

Once these measurements have been taken, the technician moves on to the next part of the furnace tune-up. They make the necessary adjustments to ensure the burners properly mix the air and fuel.  In addition, they adjust the operating position of the combustion control system. These are only a few of the adjustments the technician may make as they carry out this task. 

When completing these tasks, the technician uses a variety of tools. However, the main tool used during the process is a flue gas analyzer.  They gather many required measurements using this tool, including the combustibles content. As the average homeowner doesn’t own this tool, calling us is a cost-effective solution for ensuring this work is done. 

The Benefits of a Tune-Up

A furnace tune-up increases the likelihood the boiler will work when the temperature drops outside. Nobody wants to wake up to a freezing house, but that could happen if the homeowner doesn’t properly maintain the boiler or have it regularly tuned up. Boilers are reliable and will last for years when the homeowner completes these tasks along with routine boiler maintenance. 

In fact, the average lifespan of a well-maintained boiler is ten years or more. While the boiler might need an occasional repair, the odds of needing emergency service from Summers Plumbing Heating and Cooling decrease significantly. If the boiler requires an emergency repair, call us. We have technicians available at all times to help our customers, as we know a boiler problem can arise at any time. This includes weekends and holidays. 

Many manufacturers today void the warranty on a boiler if the homeowner doesn’t have an annual tune-up. They cannot guarantee the unit’s performance if it isn’t being cared for properly, so they put this provision into place. If the manufacturer voids the warranty, the homeowner becomes responsible for any bills associated with repairing the boiler. 

Our technician will complete the service to ensure the warranty remains in effect. Thanks to the ongoing training they are required to take part in, they are familiar with the latest requirements regarding boiler tune-ups and maintenance. The homeowner will have peace of mind, as they know we did the work correctly and their warranty remains in effect. 

Save Money By Having a Boiler Tune-Up Performed

A tune-up also increases the efficiency of the unit, which helps keep energy costs down. As heating costs are on the rise, homeowners want to ensure they do everything possible to heat their homes without spending a fortune.  Our technician inspects the boiler during the tune-up, much as they do during a maintenance call. They find any potential problems, so the homeowner can make repairs in a timely manner. A minor problem can quickly become a major one when a part fails in the boiler. The tune-up allows this problem to be caught in the early stages before it escalates. 

Contact Summers Plumbing Heating and Cooling today to schedule the annual boiler tune-up. This is one task that should never be put off. Many people feel they can hold off until they notice problems with the boiler. By then, it may be too late. 

The boiler could leak carbon monoxide into the home and make people ill. At times, it is fatal. Even if this situation doesn’t arise, doing without heat because the boiler broke down can be deadly. Prevent this from happening by calling us today. We will get you on the schedule so you don’t need to worry about these issues. We’ll ensure your system is operating optimally before we leave the home. 


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