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Superior Service at an Affordable Price

Furnace Installation Services in Muncie, Indiana

The winters in Muncie, IN can drop to sub-freezing temperatures and stay that way for several weeks so a furnace installation can be crucial. Any home with an older furnace that isn’t well maintained may have trouble keeping a consistently comfortable temperature. Homeowners who notice that their furnace is struggling or have known since the previous winter that something needs to change can depend on the professionals at Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling to install a new, energy-efficient system to keep everyone toasty during the coldest time of the year.

Recognize the Need for Furnace Installation

Gas-powered furnaces are the most common heating system found in homes across Indiana. Like an automobile, years of use will take a toll on a system and cause a gradual decrease in energy efficiency. Although repairs can keep an old furnace chugging along, it will struggle to produce adequate heating, and energy bills will increase. These factors should quickly make a homeowner realize that it’s time to look into new furnace installation.

An Experienced HVAC Technician Will Evaluate the Home First

Furnaces aren’t generic units that can be quickly hooked up and turned on like a window air conditioner or refrigerator. The operating capacity of each furnace hinges upon the size and heating demands of the house. Before installation can begin, a heating representative must inspect the home to determine which make & model will operate the most efficiently. They also will look at the existing ductwork and connections to ensure that the new unit can attach to the delivery system without major complications.

Skilled Craftsmanship Can Save Homeowners from Needless Additions

If a home’s ductwork is solid but isn’t an exact fit for the new furnace, the technicians at Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling will use their carpentry skills to retrofit the connections. The process can include creating custom couplings and dampers that smoothly transition the ends of the existing ductwork into the new furnace. Homeowners can avoid installing new ductwork unless their existing system appears to be deteriorating or the configuration is inefficient.

Installation Factors That Homeowners Don’t Know About

Before the unit gets mounted into position, several elements must be taken into consideration. Depending on the location of the gas connection, modifications to the route of the gas line might occur. If the existing furnace doesn’t have the proper breaker amperage, a more powerful breaker and sometimes a new power line are required. Adequate drainage must also be nearby, or else a condensate pump is required. All of this should be included in the original quote so that the homeowner isn’t surprised with additional fees when the bill is due.

A Better Way to Route Harmful Exhaust

Many older furnaces are still attached to a chimney exhaust, a method that is no longer considered safe since it is a slow-release that allows the gas to pass by every floor of the house. If the chimney is in disrepair or has cracked over the years, the potential for toxic gas escaping into the home is present. New furnaces will be installed with a sealed PVC pipe that goes directly outside through the nearest outer wall, safely release the gases as quickly as possible.

Double Checks and Customer Education

When the installation is complete, the technicians will verify that everything is running efficiently before packing up their gear. They will also haul away the old furnace along with any waste they created, leaving the area clean and free of any potential hazards. The team will then show the homeowner the finished project, explain any modifications that had to happen, demonstrate how the new furnace operates, and answer any questions that might arise.

Keep a Furnace Operating Smoothly through the Winter

Once the new furnace system is up and running, homeowners should start scheduling seasonal maintenance visits to ensure flawless operation during the winter months. During this service, the technician will clean out any dust and debris, lubricate all moving parts, test the unit’s response to the thermostat, replace the air filter, and confirm that the correct temperature of the air is blowing out the vents. Homeowners should schedule this service in the late summer or early fall to help avoid any unexpected issues that could arise on the first cold day that the furnace operates.

Repair Service Is Readily Available

Occasionally, a new furnace may experience a hiccup and require service at an inopportune time. To avoid leaving homeowners in the cold, Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling offers a 24/7 emergency service for all new and existing customers. Whether it’s the middle of the night, during inclement weather, over the weekend, or a holiday, there is always a technician on call who will quickly respond to a heating emergency to get the household climate back on track.

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