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Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning Services in Muncie, Indiana

At one point or another, homeowners will face problems with their drains and need drain cleaning services. A slow-moving drain or even a completely blocked drain can make it difficult to perform the various tasks that are necessary for running a household.

Many homeowners may attempt to fix their drain problem themselves. Although they may seem to be a cheaper alternative to professional help, these DIY approaches could pose risks to the home’s plumbing system. It is always a good idea to contact a professional for any drain cleaning in Muncie, IN. This can save homeowners time, frustration, and money in the long run.

Professional Drain Cleaning Services 

At Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling, our plumbing technicians can provide professional drain cleaning services to clear any clog or problem homeowners may have with their systems. Our trained and experienced team can safely and efficiently remove even the toughest clog.

Whether the clog is in the kitchen drain or deep in the sewer line, our team has the tools and knowledge needed to clear the line and get the wastewater moving out of the home quickly and safely. Our team can even remove build-up in the drains to prevent further issues.

DIY Drain Cleaning

When a drain in the home is clogged, many homeowners may opt to fix the problem themselves. The first option many choose to try is a plunger. Unfortunately, these little tools may not be able to provide the right pressure needed to move a clog in some drain systems. In some cases, a plunger may even push a clog deeper into the sewer line, causing a complete blockage to the home.

The other at-home option homeowners may attempt is a chemical cleaner. These products are relatively cheap and are advertised as able to dissolve any clog. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. These chemicals can be dangerous if not used properly. They can even cause damage to the pipes.

These chemicals can increase the risks of corrosion to the pipes. They can even cause damage to the drain or seals between the pipes. In some cases, these chemicals have been shown to cause leaks or even burst pipes.

Although it may seem like an easier and cheaper option to clear a drain, these at-home products and tools can cause more damage to the home. In the end, a plumber will be needed anyway. Unfortunately, this time the cost of repairs will be much greater than if the plumber was called in the first place.

Drain Inspection

When having an issue with slow-moving drains or even a clog, a plumber can arrive quickly to help fix the problem. The first thing the plumber will do is inspect the drains to find the root of the problem. Our plumbers utilize drain cameras to explore the drains and locate any build-up or clogs in the system.

Once the problem has been identified, the plumber will provide the homeowner with a detailed account and location of the problem. They will also offer a solution for clearing the clog or repairing the problem. Once the homeowner approves, the technician will begin work.

Cleaning the Drains

Our team will utilize specialized tools to completely clear the clog from any drain. Our team can also provide services to thoroughly remove any build-up in the drains. This removal will help to prevent future clogs and ensure that the drains will continue to function properly.

Once complete, our team will provide homeowners with expert advice to help prevent problems from occurring again. This advice can include best practices for avoiding clogs and what not to put down a drain. This will help prevent much of the build-up that may cause clogs in the future.

Benefits of Drain Cleaning

There are many benefits of drain cleaning in Muncie, IN. Our technicians can clear any build-up and clogs that can form throughout the entire home’s drain system. This will leave the drains clear and able to allow wastewater to flow freely.

When build-up occurs and wastewater is unable to drain completely from the home is can pose serious risks to the household. This dirty water can promote the growth of bacteria and mold in the sewer system. Bacteria and mold can pose serious health risks to those living in the home.

Regular drain cleaning is also a great way to identify problems in the sewer system. Cracks, breaks, or even tree roots growing into the lines can be quickly identified to allow repairs to be made before the problems cause more damage.

Drain Cleaning Services Near Me

Drain cleaning in Muncie, IN is a great way to ensure wastewater is removed completely from the home without issue. At Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling, our team is ready to meet any plumbing need a home may have. Whether it is drain cleaning or a plumbing emergency, simply give us a call or visit our website and one of our technicians will provide the help needed. 

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