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Well Repair

Well Repair Services in Logansport, IN

Not all Logansport households are connected to the town’s water lines. Many local families rely on deep-water wells to provide their households with a constant supply of freshwater for drinking, bathing, cleaning, and more. When those wells or the pumps they rely on to move water to the home fail, it can cause serious issues for all the residents.

Figuring out the cause of common drinking well problems can be tough. After all, all the action happens underground, well out of sight of homeowners and their families. However, paying attention to the exact symptoms that precede a well failure can offer insight into what type of service it needs.

No Water

There are few things more frustrating than turning on the tap only to find that no water is coming out. Before calling a plumber, check to make sure the circuit breaker that powers the pump isn’t tripped. If the pump isn’t getting power, it won’t be able to move the water out of the well and up to the home. If the breaker isn’t tripped, though, it’s time to call Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling for help.

Aside from interruptions in the power supply, the most common underlying problem behind a total lack of water is with the well itself. If the water levels are low, the pump may not be able to reach the water table to bring it up to the surface. Low water levels are most common in the spring and summer when homeowners use a lot of water, and they usually correct themselves over the winter. 

Sometimes just waiting a few days will allow the water table around the well to rise, resolving the problem. If the area is prone to drought, issues associated with low water tables can be more severe. Homeowners may need to lower their pumps deeper into the wells, or even install new, deeper wells to resolve the problem.

Sputtering Water

If there’s still water coming from the taps, but there’s also air, it causes sputtering. The air is probably coming in through a crack in the piping or in the pump itself. A professional plumber can determine the exact location of the leak and recommend an appropriate fix.

Clouded Water

The water coming from a residential well should be clear and clean. If it’s coming out cloudy, it’s likely that the water table has lowered and the pump is pulling in silt and dirt from the bottom. Malfunctioning well pumps can also draw in silty water, even if the water table is high. Sand and silt can clog fixtures and cause permanent damage, so call Summers Plumbing to schedule an inspection and repairs right away.

High Utility Bills

Homeowners with wells don’t need to pay for water. However, they do need to pay for the electricity to run their well pumps. When pumps malfunction, it can cause electric bills to skyrocket. If homeowners have ruled out other possible explanations, it’s time to schedule a well pump inspection to see if that’s what’s driving up their utility bills.

Unusual Tastes or Smells

If the water coming from the well develops an unusual taste or smell, stop drinking it. There are all kinds of contaminants that can find their way into drinking water. Most of them are harmless, but some can be dangerous. A professional plumber can help homeowners rule out problems like pipe corrosion and arrange for further water quality testing.


Malfunctioning Pressure Switches

Pressure switches are supposed to turn on when the storage tank drops below an acceptable level. If they malfunction, the well pump won’t turn on when the tank runs dry. The pressure switch may need to be cleaned or replaced.

Inadequate Water Supply

If the well pump isn’t providing sufficient amounts of water to meet the family’s needs, it’s undersized. The only solution to an undersized well pump is to replace it with a more appropriate model. Contact the experts at Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling for advice about how to choose the right well pump to meet the household’s needs.

Logansport Well Repairs

No matter what’s wrong with the well, it will take a professional to resolve the problem. Homeowners can get all the help they need with diagnosing and repairing well problems from Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling. These experts have been in business for over half a century, so they’ve seen it all. They can provide solutions to even the trickiest well water issues at competitive prices, so get in contact to schedule an inspection and request an estimate today.

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