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Repiping Services in Logansport, IN

No homeowner wants the hassle of repiping their residence. However, the day will come when this task must be carried out. Although it is a huge investment, it safeguards the value of the property and ensures the plumbing system remains fully operational when the occupants of the home must use it. Furthermore, a fully functioning plumbing system benefits the health and well-being of all who live in the residence.

Knowing When to Call for Repiping

Men and women don’t think about the pipes in their home until there is a problem. As long as water comes out when they turn on a faucet or the toilet flushes without backing up, they probably don’t give the hidden parts of the system a second thought. However, pipes do need to be replaced approximately every 50 years. Furthermore, some situations suggest it may be time for repiping the residence in Logansport.

Visible Issues

Homeowners might notice visible corrosion on the pipes or other parts of the plumbing system. This might be stains, dents, rust, flaking, or discoloration, as corrosion shows up in many forms. Any visible signs of corrosion calls for a pipe replacement. A failure to take this step could lead to a leak or home flooding if the pipe bursts.

Unusual Noises

When one or more pipes in the home are making clanging, clattering, or clinking sounds, call a plumber. This suggests there is a problem with the pipes, as the only sound that should come from the plumbing system is the sound of water moving through the pipes.

A Strange Taste to the Water

If you go to get a glass of water and notice a strange color, taste, or odor, it may be time for repiping the residence. These problems often appear when rust or other sediment has accumulated in the pipes. Repiping serves as a better solution than attempting to remove the contaminants and might be the only solution in many cases.

A Noticeable Change in Water Temperature

When there is a change in the water pressure or temperature, the homeowner needs to learn what is causing the issue. It might be hard water buildup in the pipes has led to a blockage, and this negatively affects water pressure. Any sudden temperature changes in the water could be a problem with the water heater’s pipes, and a plumber in Logansport becomes of great help in determining where the problem lies.

Older Plumbing

Homes built in the 1970s or earlier may have galvanized steel pipes. A homeowner might assume steel is better than materials used today in plumbing systems, but this metal is susceptible to corrosion. Have a plumber examine the system if the time has come to repipe the residence to prevent costly issues.

Dangerous Pipes

In the past, builders often used lead in plumbing systems. Over the years, health experts discovered lead is harmful to humans. If your home has any lead pipes or any component in the plumbing system made of this material, repiping becomes imperative. Some homes have polybutylene pipes that are safer than those made of lead, but they tend to leak. As a result, they need to be checked by a licensed plumber several times a year to catch problems early.

Benefits of Repiping

Plumbers recommend having repiping projects completed during the spring or summer. A freeze during the repiping process in Logansport can lead to problems, so schedule this project when temperatures are on the rise.

Repiping protects the value of the home as well. No potential buyer wants to invest in a property only to learn they must complete this task. Having the work done will generate more interest in the residence when it goes on the market.

If you believe repiping is in your future, contact Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling. Our licensed technicians will examine your plumbing system to see what work needs to be done. They may find only one pipe needs to be replaced or the entire system must be redone. There is no way to determine this without seeing the system.

The team assists with every step of the process, including drywall repair where needed. In addition, they remain available around the clock, as plumbing issues don’t always arise during normal business hours. Help is never more than a phone call away, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

In addition to repiping, the team assists with leak repair, water heater replacement, sewer line replacement. Customers appreciate having only one call to make when it comes to the heating and plumbing in their home. We are happy to help you as well. Give us a call today to set up an appointment. We’ll see you soon.

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