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Toilet Installation

Toilet Installation Services in Logansport, IN

Many times, people take minor plumbing jobs into their own hands. However, toilet projects require the experience of a qualified plumber to prevent recurring issues. It is crucial to ensure the proper operation of a new fixture. Perhaps your toilet has reached the end of its expected lifespan or the bathroom needs a complete renovation. Toilet installation is not a job for the average homeowner, so avoid doing it yourself. Note that leaving a toilet in a terrible state for too long makes the situation even worse.

An excellent plumber in Logansport should help you fix it quickly. Turn to Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling if you want to benefit from quality craftsmanship and customer service. Our plumbing technicians are thoroughly trained, certified, and insured, so they have all it takes to install toilets effectively.

A Trusted Toilet Installation Service

As simple as it may seem, a toilet project is a complex task. A poorly installed facility can cause slow flushing and flooding in the house. While countless online sources teach DIY toilet installations, it is hard to get proper guidelines and troubleshooting tips. Anything can go haywire, including the bowl becoming wobbly or the entire system failing to operate after a tedious job. Worse yet, you may not comprehend some instructions because you don’t have prior experience. In the end, you will regret not having hired a pro.

To set up a leak-free toilet, you need to connect all the internal mechanisms precisely. A competent plumber makes various adjustments to ensure effective flushing and prevent the continuous running of water. Imagine partnering with a contractor who has worked for over five decades in Logansport and other cities in Indiana. Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling crew can handle any challenge a new toilet installation may present.

Signs You Need a Toilet Replacement

How many times do you think about a toilet’s integrity unless a problem arises? Like any home appliance, a toilet must be replaced after a while. But, how do you know it’s time to call installation pros? Here are various reasons:

  • The bowl is wobbling or rocking
  • There are leaks in the tank or bowl
  • Continuous running leading to an increase in water bills
  • An old toilet has an outdated look
  • There is a broken flush handle, flush valve, or seat
  • The seating is uncomfortable

If any of the above points apply to your current toilet, consider calling an expert in toilet installations around Logansport, Indiana. It would help if you still had an experienced installer to redo the floor or renovate a bathroom. Even though it’s possible to reinstall an old fixture, a bathroom makeover is a perfect opportunity to spruce up the interior design with the latest toilet model.

How to Pick the Right Toilet

Not sure what unit to choose for a new toilet installation? Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling can assist through the entire process. Leave the confusing aspects to the experts. When deciding on a modern fixture, consider the following factors.

Type of Model

Do you want a single-piece or two-piece toilet? One-piece units have their tanks and bowls integrated, so they are sleeker but relatively more expensive. Two-piece models are designed with separate tanks and bowls and are bulkier and more cost-effective. Thanks to technology, you can now choose intelligent features like automatic cleaning and heated seats. Note that smart specs come with a higher price tag.


There is an endless scope of toilet designs with varying seat heights and bowl shapes. They deliver different aesthetics and levels of comfort. To choose the right design, first determine what you want to add to your home’s interior. Also, think about visual aspects like the location of the flush handle and the trap layout. Most models come with hidden traps incorporated into a flat surface, while others have a visible trap. A flush handle can be set on the lid, side, or front of the tank.

Flushing Mechanism

Choose among three options: touchless, single, or dual flush systems. A touchless flush includes an electronic sensor that triggers a toilet to flush instead of manually pressing a button or handle. Single-flush toilets use 1-1.6 gallons of water for every flush. However, the dual mechanism allows you to use light or full flash depending on the waste.

The Cost

Keep your budget in mind when installing a new toilet. Remember that extra features come at an additional cost. But, many manufacturers provide a variety of styles, so it’s easier to get a fixture that complements your bathroom décor.

Request Toilet Installation

With the experience we’ve gained serving Logansport and nearby towns, you can trust our hands-on expertise for toilet installation. We will advise you on the best model to pick. Call Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling now to save time and avoid the stress of a malfunctioning toilet.

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