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Air Purification

Air Purification Services in Logansport, IN

A home’s HVAC system plays an important role in providing comfort and safety for homeowners in Logansport. HVAC systems are more than just the equipment that manages the temperature in a home by providing heat in the winter and AC in the summer. It also plays a role in indoor air quality.

Our homes are full of things that can affect the quality of the air we breathe. Airborne particulates such as pollen, mold spores, dust, pet dander, even our own dead skin can cause the air in our homes to become polluted. Breathing this polluted air can be harmful to the health of you and your family. The elderly and people with breathing issues like asthma are especially susceptible to the effects of indoor air pollution.

Homeowners that want to improve their home’s air quality should consider installing an air purification system. At Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling we care about the quality of the air in the homes of people throughout Logansport. Our team of professionals is highly trained, vetted, and certified. Our licensed and insured technicians can help homeowners in Logansport find solutions to their HVAC problems to ensure they have the cleanest indoor air possible.

Air Purification Systems, Why Install Them? 

Thanks to modern construction techniques and materials our homes are sealed and insulated better than ever. This results in fewer air leaks which eliminates drafts and makes homes more energy-efficient. The unfortunate downside to this is that air becomes trapped in your home. That air recirculates through your home’s air ducts causing the air quality to decline.

Poor air quality can cause problems for sensitive individuals like the elderly and people with asthma. Over time, it can affect everyone in the home. Headaches, itchy, watery eyes, and breathing issues are just some ailments caused by breathing polluted indoor air. People who are experiencing these issues may benefit from installing an air purification system. Some other common reasons to install an air purification system in a home include;

  • A member of the household smokes
  • The home always has a stuffy smell
  • Family pets have a lot of dander or shedding
  • There is a lot of dust in the home despite frequent dusting
  • A member of the household has severe allergies or sensitivity to indoor air pollution

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling can install a filtration system that will improve indoor air quality. A newly installed air purification system yields almost immediate results.

Types of Air Purification Systems 

All HVAC systems are manufactured to fit a standard 1″ thick filter. These filters come in a variety of filtration ratings and are good at catching larger particles like dirt and dust. Smaller particles pass easily through these filters. These smaller particles affect indoor air quality. To combat this, air purification systems can be added to your home.

Electrostatic Air Purifiers

In electrostatic purification systems, air flows through an ionizing chamber. Any particles suspended in the air as it passes through the chamber are given a positive charge. Air passes through an electrified filter, which gives it a negative charge. The positive ions are attracted to the negatively charged filter like a magnet. The result is pollution like dust, pollen, and other elements are removed from the air. Electrostatic filters require periodic cleaning but they do not need to be replaced as often as standard filters which typically last 3 months.

Advanced Filtration Systems

Standard HVAC filters are ineffective at improving a home’s indoor air quality. Even if the filter is 4 inches thick, it can not adequately capture the microscopic particles in the air that can cause problems for individuals with air quality sensitivities.

High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters trap particles as small as 0.3 microns. This allows a HEPA filter to capture 99.97% of all airborne contaminants. Like electrostatic filters, HEPA filters need to be cleaned regularly. HEPA filters are denser than standard filters and when dirty they can restrict the airflow to a home’s HVAC system, which can cause problems that require repairs. Properly maintained a HEPA filter can last up to a year.

UV Light Systems

Filters are great for trapping airborne particles, however, they can not guarantee that biological contaminants won’t pass through an HVAC system and into the air you breathe. UV lights can kill pathogens like bacteria and airborne viruses. Installing a UV light with a HEPA or electrostatic filter will make a home’s air purification system more effective.

Air Purification Systems In Logansport, IN 

If you are considering installing an air purification system, give Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling a call. We are well qualified to install and maintain in-home air purification systems. If you would like more details, contact one of our air purification experts today.

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