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AC Tune-Up Services in Logansport, IN

Homeowners must schedule services to maintain their air conditioning units to keep their homes comfortable throughout the summer. If the systems are not maintained properly, they will not last up to 15 years as expected. A tune-up and routine maintenance service ensure that the systems remain operational throughout their projected life span.

The HVAC professionals can complete the maintenance services quickly and ensure that all components are operating appropriately. If there are any issues with the air conditioning unit, the technicians will explain these problems to the homeowner and set up repair services as needed.

Assessing Refrigerant Levels

The refrigerant levels determine if the AC system can produce cool air and keep the home at a comfortable temperature. The technicians use gauges to read the current refrigerant levels and determine if the unit needs another charge of the gas. The technicians must be certified to handle the gas to add or remove the gas from the system. If the levels are too low, the AC system will not produce adequate cool air for the home.

Cleaning Out the System

Seasonal cleaning services eliminate all debris and buildup inside the AC system, and the services prevent a blockage in the system that could prevent proper airflow. The technicians will open up the units and clean them out completely.

They vacuum out the interior and exterior unit, and the technicians will use chemicals to clean all the components and ensure that there isn’t any debris on the parts. The fan, condenser coil, and motor must be cleaned properly to prevent blockage. The HVAC professionals will review the debris to provide advice for the homeowner to keep the AC system cleaner.

Measuring the Air Filters

Air filters must be the correct size for the AC system, and the HVAC technicians will measure the air filters and ensure that they are the adequate size. If the air filters are not the correct size, debris will spread around the filter and circulate through the system and the property. The technicians will replace the air filters and provide the homeowners with information about the proper air filters.

Lubricating the Components

The technicians will open up the interior and exterior units and assess the major components. The parts must be lubricated properly, or they will grind together and cause damage. If any components are damaged, they will not operate as expected, and the property owner could face sudden breakdowns because of component failures. If any components aren’t working properly during the assessment, the HVAC technicians explain the details and give the homeowner an estimate for the repairs.

Where to Get AC Services

Summers Plumbing Heating and Cooling provide property owners with comprehensive HVAC services. The service provider will evaluate the existing heating or cooling system for issues, and they will offer a complete estimate for any repairs required. They will guarantee all services they complete and will remedy any issues that may arise. Property owners can find out more about AC Tune-Up in Logansport, IN by contacting the service provider and setting up an appointment for the services today.

Cleaning the Ductwork and Calibration 

Ductwork systems must be the correct size for the property and the air conditioning units. They must connect to the units properly and shouldn’t have any air leaks. The ductwork and ventilation circulate the cool air throughout the home and keep the home at a comfortable temperature. However, if the ductwork is clogged or if it is not the proper size, it will not provide dedicated services for the property owners.

Technicians will also complete cleaning services for the ductwork to eliminate any blockages. They will test out the vents and ensure that cool air is passing through the vents as expected.

Homeowners must set up maintenance services for their AC system according to the terms of their manufacturer’s warranty. The warranties specify that an HVAC professional must complete the maintenance steps as they are outlined in the warranty contract. If the services are not completed according to these instructions, it could void the warranty, and the homeowner could lose coverage for the AC installation.

The warranties specify how often the maintenance services must be performed, and the homeowner will need to schedule them as directed. By completing the routine maintenance services early, the property owner finds out about issues with the system before the start of summer when they need the systems the most. They can schedule repairs or component replacement services and avoid service disruptions during extreme summer temperatures.


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