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Water Heater Maintenance

Water Heater Maintenance Services in Logansport, IN

Homeowners depend on water heaters to produce adequate hot water for the entire household. After installing a water heater into a home, the property owner must follow the maintenance instructions in the appliance’s warranty to maintain the system. The warranties require the property owner to set up maintenance services with a certified and licensed plumbing professional.

The plumbers must review the current warranty and its outlined maintenance services. They must complete all steps of the maintenance plan to maintain the water heater and prevent unnecessary failures that decrease the longevity of the water heater. The maintenance services address all major components in the water heater and the plumbing lines that connect to the product.

Plumbing specialists will complete the steps and identify any components that are no longer viable. If they discover any component failures, the plumbers give the property owner a full estimate for the repairs and the cost of the parts. If the water heater is older than 15 years, the property owner may need to replace the appliance to restore hot water for their home.

Draining the Sediment from the Tank

Sediment inside the water heater could cause major problems and prevent the water heater from working properly. During maintenance services, the plumbers will drain all the water out of the tank and shut off the water. Once all the water is removed from the tank, they will allow sediment to drain from the tank, and they will clean out the tank. The services prevent loud noises from coming from the water heater and could extend the longevity of the unit.

Cleaning the Water Pipes

Water pipes can become clogged up and allow buildup to prevent water from flowing properly. When performing maintenance for the water heater, the plumbers must flush out the water lines that are flowing to the water heater. Proper cleaning for the water lines could prevent sediment and mineral deposits from getting into the water heater.

Testing Water Temperature

If water is boiling out of the top of the water heater, the temperature valve is set to the wrong temperature. The plumbers will review the current temperature settings to determine if they are at the recommended setting. When the temperatures are too high, the property owners and their families are at a greater risk of sustaining burns when the water becomes scalding hot. Temperature adjustments prevent personal injuries and stop water damage.

Releasing Pressure from Inside the Unit

The pressure relief valve must be opened during the maintenance services to decrease the volume of pressure inside the water heater. If the pressure becomes too high, the water heater tank could explode. The plumbers will open the valve and test the pressure.

Where to Get Maintenance Services

Summers Plumbing Heating and Cooling presents property owners with superior plumbing services. They address a variety of conditions that cause plumbing damage and ensure that all connections are operating as expected. Water heaters are vital appliances installed inside the home, and they provide adequate hot water for the property owner and their family.

Like most appliances and installations, the water heaters require maintenance services to ensure proper operations. Property owners can learn more about Water Heater Maintenance in Logansport, IN by contacting the service provider and setting up the services now.

Inspecting the Tank for Cracks

If there are cracks in the water heater, the plumbers will review the tank and determine if it is possible to correct the damage. However, if the cracks can’t be sealed or repaired, the property owner will need to shop for a new water heater and set up the installation. Plumbing specialists will provide details about the appliances and setting up an installation.

Homeowners set up maintenance for their water heaters according to the terms of the warranty. The product warranties outline the exact steps that a certified and licensed plumber must take when maintaining the water heater. They cannot deviate from the manufacturer’s instructions or omit any steps that are required. If the plumbers don’t complete the services as directed, the homeowner could lose coverage for their appliance.

Homeowners can extend the product warranty through the manufacturers. They could also set up a maintenance service plan with their preferred plumbing professionals. The services eliminate sediment from the inside of the tank and prevent the mineral deposits from causing corrosion and tank damage. They test and clean the water pipes leading to the water heater to prevent buildup from getting inside the tank and causing damage. Components that are not performing properly will also be replaced.

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