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Drain Camera Inspections

Drain Camera Inspections in Logansport, IN

Keeping a home clean, comfortable, and safe for everyone living there is very important to all homeowners. The home’s plumbing is a major part of keeping a home, clean, comfortable, and safe. Not only does the plumbing need to be able to bring clean water in, but it must also be able to safely remove all wastewater from the home.

Only a few short years ago, when an issue occurred in the drainage or sewer lines of a home, plumbers would have to basically guess at the issue. This could include ripping through walls and floors in the home to find the suspected pipe or even tearing up the yard to get to the sewer line buried underground.

Fortunately, drain cameras have made this task a lot easier for both plumbers and homeowners. At Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling, our trained plumbers are equipped with the latest technology to provide drain camera inspections in Logansport, IN. This allows us to find the problem before any digging is even considered.

Drain Camera Inspections

Drain camera inspections in Logansport, IN are basically what the name implies. The technician uses a camera to explore the drains and sewer lines to identify problems, build up, or even breaks in the drain and sewer lines.

Our technician uses a flexible tube that has a camera attached. This tube is then fed through the drain to navigate the pipes in the home and the yard. The camera transmits images to the technician so they can identify problems, record the condition of the pipes, and even identify the location of the problem.

Once the process is complete, our technician will provide the homeowner with a complete report of the pipes inspected. Any buildup or scaling in the pipe will be identified. They will even provide details of any clogs or potential clogs they found in the drainage system. If cracks or breaks are found, the report will detail these issues as well.

In addition to the report, the plumbing technician will go over any repairs or options for cleaning the drains with the homeowner. They will also provide an estimate for those solutions. Once the homeowner agrees to all or even part of the work, our technicians will get to work repairing the problem.

Benefits of a Drain Camera Inspection

Having your home’s drains inspected with a camera can provide many benefits for you and your home. It can save time and money by helping to identify a problem without tearing up the pipes first. The various issues that can benefit a homeowner include:

Locating Clogs or Build-Up in Drains

When the home’s drains are slow-moving, there may be a clog or even build-up in the drain. A camera in the drain can allow professionals to identify exactly where the clog is to immediately take steps to clear the drain. The camera can also help to identify build-up in the pipes that could slow down water flow and potentially cause new clogs in the future.

Identifying Sewer Line Problems

Although clogged and dirty pipes can be a major cause of slow-moving or stopped drains, sometimes the problem is more significant and further down the line. The sewer line of a home is buried deep underground and can be a big problem reaching to find a break or other issue. A camera inspection can help identify a variety of these issues including:

  • Deep clogs caused by flushed objects
  • Pipe joints that have separated or moved
  • Cracked, sagging, or broken pipes due to shifting in the ground
  • Tree roots that have grown into the pipe

Once the problem is identified and the location is determined, repairs can be much easier than trying to guess where the issue lies. In some cases, such as the severe clog, digging may not even be necessary to repair the problem.

Identify Septic Tank Problems

For those who use a septic tank instead of the city’s sewer system, these inspections can help too. The camera can be used to go inside the septic tank system to identify problems and breaks in the system. It can also help identify clogs or even when the tank needs to be pumped.

Finding Items Lost in the Drain

Everyone has had a moment where they lose something valuable down the drain. The person acts quickly to try to catch it before it sinks into the drain but just misses. Quickly, they attempt to remove the trap under the sink. Unfortunately, the item has already been pushed through and lost into the sewer line.

Fortunately, these items are not necessarily lost forever. A drain camera can be the perfect option for finding that lost wedding ring or other dropped items. The camera can follow the path the item would have taken to see if it has been caught in another area of the line. In many cases, these items can be easily recovered.

Professional Drain Camera Inspections Near Me

For many years, Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling has been providing professional services to keep your home clean, comfortable, and safe. Our team is committed to providing the best services using the latest technology to get the job done right. At the first sign of a problem, contact our technicians to provide professional drain camera inspections in Logansport, IN. 

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