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Toilet Leaks

Toilet Leaks Repair Services in Logansport, IN

The one feature of a home that is used by every member of the household and even many guests is the toilet. This little device helps to keep homes clean all across the world. It is simply amazing how this device is part of a revolutionary system that modernized and promoted proper human health and hygiene.

Although a great device for keeping homes healthy and clean, due to its use, many people find toilets to be dirty and gross. When a problem arises that causes toilet leaks in Logansport, IN, it can cause a lot of frustration for homeowners.

Fortunately, Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling has services available to help homeowners with any toilet issue they may face. Our technicians will find the cause of the problem and reach a solution that will return the home to its safe and comfortable environment.

Professional Toilet Repair Service

Very often, toilet leaks in Logansport can be the cause of distress in a home. These leaks can be in the toilet or even outside the toilet, causing water to flood the bathroom or even the rooms below.

Not every toilet leak, however, is easily identifiable. Unfortunately, if these internal toilet leaks go unrepaired for too long, homeowners may find their water bills skyrocketing. Some signs of an internal leak can include:

  • The toilet flushing on its own
  • Constant water running or trickling sounds when not in use
  • The need to “jiggle the handle” to stop the toilet from running
  • Needing to hold down the handle to get the toilet to flush properly
  • Continuous water trickling down the sides of the bowl

Leaks on the outside of the toilet are a little more noticeable. Sometimes, they can be minor leaks that do not leave much of a puddle behind. This makes it important to keep an eye out for unexplained dampness or puddles around the toilet area. If any of these problems are noticed, contact a professional plumber to help with the repairs.

Causes of Toilet Leaks

Numerous issues can cause a toilet to leak. Being able to identify the type of leak and its cause can help in determining the best path for repair. Here are some of the most common causes of toilet leaks in Logansport, IN.

Cracks in Toilet

Although toilets are made from tough materials that can take a beating, cracks can still occur. These cracks, even tiny ones, can allow a lot of water to leak onto the floor and even into the ceiling of the rooms below. Unfortunately, these tiny cracks never stay tiny. Eventually, the stress will cause the cracks to become larger and create a bigger mess.

Worn Out Seals

The base of the toilet is connected directly to the sewer line at the base of the toilet. There are two strong bolts and a flange that holds the toilet in place. There is also a seal, often made of wax, that is placed between the flange and the sewer pipe opening. This creates a waterproof seal to ensure all wastewater empties into the sewer line.

Stress and time can cause this wax seal to wear out. When the seal is worn, it becomes less waterproof and can begin allowing water to leak when the toilet is flushed. Often, the first sign of this problem is some dampness around the base of the toilet. If not replaced, the dampness becomes worse and can lead to a serious leak on the bathroom floor or even in the room below.

Faulty Connection between Tank and Bowl

The tank on the back of the toilet fills with enough water to provide a proper flush for the toilet. There is a connection between the tank and toilet bowl that allows this water to pass through when flushed. Unfortunately, the connection can wear out or even break. This can cause the water in the tank to leak.

The first sign of this problem is often excess water on the toilet or even some dampness towards the back of the toilet. In some cases, the water may be hard to notice. However, leaving this problem for long will eventually become worse. This makes it important to keep an eye out for any unexplained water or dampness on or around the toilet. Prompt repairs can save a lot of frustration for homeowners.

Damaged Flush Valve Assembly or Worn Flapper

The flush valve assembly is the method for opening the connection between the tank and the bowl to allow the proper amount of water to enter the bowl to provide a good flush. Once a flush is complete, the flush valve assembly allows water to fill the tank again for the next flush. This assembly also shuts off the water when it reaches the proper level.

Problems with this assembly can create various types of leaks in the toilet. If water is not shut off when it reaches the right level in the tank, it can overflow from the tank. If the flapper is worn out, it can cause the water to continuously drain into the bowl and keep the tank filling with water in an attempt to reach the proper level. Even improper adjustments to the assembly or flapper can create leaking problems with a toilet.

Toilet Repair Near Me

At the first sign of toilet leaks in Logansport, IN, it is important to contact a professional to get the issue under control. Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling can provide prompt repairs to get a toilet back to its proper functionality and prevent the serious damage and costs leaks can cause.

Our team is experienced and trained to provide help in almost any situation. Simply give us a call or visit our website to schedule an appointment with one of our plumbing technicians.


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