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Water Heater Repair

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Many people take water in their homes for granted. However, when something goes wrong, it will quickly become the center of your attention. It is very important to know who to call when a plumbing emergency arises. Summers Plumbing Heating and Cooling can help with all types of plumbing needs, including water heater repair in Avon, IN, and nearby areas. We have been helping homeowners for over 50 years. We have shown our commitment to our customers through our unmatched customer service. We only employ the best trained and licensed plumbers in the area. When you need plumbing services, we can help.

Professional Water Heater Services are Available

We have a team of highly skilled technicians. We have extensive knowledge in water heater repairs and we have observed thousands of homes in the area. We have seen nearly every type of problem with a water heater and we are fully aware of how to handle any type of problem that you may deal with. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, we can help with a plumbing emergency at any hour.

Learn More About the Signs

Typically, the reason homeowners contact a plumber regarding a water heater is because they are lacking hot water. However, there are other problems which could require the services of a plumber.

Insufficient Hot Water

If you notice that you are running out of hot water faster than usual, this could be because there is something wrong with the water heater. The average water heater is going to be anywhere between 20 and 80 gallons. This is going to provide hot water throughout the day. The way a water heater works is that it is going to periodically turn on throughout the day so that there is always hot water. If you are running out of hot water more than normal, this could be to cause. The water heater may not be large enough for the needs of your home. Or, it could be because one of the heating elements is malfunctioning.

Different Water Temperatures

If the water temperature is varying, this could be because you are dealing with a faulty heating element. Sometimes, you could have extremely hot water and other times, lukewarm water. If this is the case, there is likely a problem with the heating element.

Listen for Strange Sounds

Just like any other appliance, a water heater should make some noise. However, if it is banging or popping, it is crucial to contact a plumber ASAP. There could be a serious problem and you need a plumber who is fully trained to identify this type of problem.

Watch for Strange Colored Water

It is also very important to pay close attention to strange colored water coming from the tap. Sediment is going to collect at the bottom of the tank. It is important to drain the tank annually so that the sediment can be flushed away. In the meantime, if you notice red or brown specks in the water, this could be because of sediment in the water tank. Contact a plumber to flush the tank so that it can be determined whether there is rust on the inside of the water heater. If so, it is important to replace the water heater before the rust comes through.

Pay Attention to Leaks

It is important to pay attention to any plumbing leaks coming from the water heater. If the leak is coming from the drain valve area, it can be fixed easily. However, if there is a crack in the tank itself, a new water heater will be necessary.

Learn More About Repairs and Replacements

It is good to know that your plumber is going to offer an open mind regarding repairing a unit. However, it may sometimes be necessary to upgrade to a new water heater. A water heater is going to last for 10 years. Repairs are going to extend the life of the unit. However, at some point, it is going to be important to consider a water heater replacement. If you are looking for a more energy-efficient water heater, contact a plumber in Avon, Indiana today.

Find Water Heater Repair in Your Area

We know that our customers are the reason we are still in business. We are going to work hard to make sure that we completely satisfy every customer. If you need water heater repair in Avon, IN, or nearby, we will work hard to make sure your equipment in your home is functioning properly. Of course, we can also make sure the rest of the plumbing in the home is working at full capacity. Call us today to have an inspection completed on the plumbing in your home. It is a worthwhile investment to make sure the plumbing is always working properly.

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