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Sewer Line Repair

Sewer Line Repair in Brownsburg, Indiana

Sewer line backup and repair is probably one of the more unpleasant things you’ll have to handle in life, but it doesn’t have to be the worst. A burst sewer line is common enough but, like a clogged toilet, you shouldn’t wait to see if it fixes itself. After all, a toilet doesn’t unclog itself, and neither does a sewer line.

What Is a Sewer Line

The primary purpose of a sewage line is to take the wastewater from your house to a water treatment plant so that it can be cleaned and reused. To many residents, a sewer line is exactly what it sounds like, but did you know these lines can back up just like any other drain? Let’s look at why wastewater would fail to reach a water treatment plant.

The Pipes Are Too Old

Sewer pipes last an average of fifty to a hundred years, depending on the type of material used, how it was installed, and what obstacles surround it. PVC pipes last the longest compared to clay or iron pipes, which break or rust.

Tree or Other Plant Roots

Plants that produce roots, such as trees or shrubs, present the most danger to sewage lines or septic tanks. Instead of those plants, choose small, slow-growing plants to add greenery to your yard, and remove any trees that are near water lines. You can hire a private utility marker to point out where the water, drainage, gas, and septic lines are.

Flushing Non-Toilet Paper Items

Flushing things other than toilet paper, especially if you’re dealing with older plumbing, can cause a major backup. You can easily prevent a backup by using septic-safe toilet paper and telling your guests not to flush women’s sanitary products or paper towels.

Five Warning Signs of a Blocked Sewer Line

Have you ever taken a shower and found yourself standing in water above your ankles, or went to flush a toilet and had what should have swirled down the drain come back with a vengeance? A broken sewer line usually presents itself in one of these embarrassing life moments, but there are steps you can take to prevent these mishaps from becoming the talk of the neighborhood.

The Pipes Are Groaning

If there are gurgling, groaning, or other strange noises that accompany the use of water in your home, and the noise doesn’t resolve on its own, you might be looking at a clogged sewage line. It might sound like these noises are coming from deep within your home. That’s because the clogged piping sits behind the walls and beneath cabinets.

The Drains Are Clogging

Sometimes, it’s excess hair that clogs the shower drain. That’s nothing to worry about. Just get an old wire hanger and fish the tangled knots out of the drain. However, if nothing is clogging the mouth of the drain, or if the showers, toilets, or drains frequently get clogged, you might be looking at more than just your average shedding problem.

The Water Is Smelling

Is there an unpleasant order in the bathroom or kitchen that’s wafting out of the drains? Try running the disposal. If that doesn’t work, then try using some Drano. If that still doesn’t work, it’s time to call the plumber.

The Walls Are Cracking

There are often benign cracks in the walls of buildings because of the natural settling that takes place after a structure is built. If there are cracks in the basement walls along with any of these other aforementioned issues, check with your local plumber.

The Holes Are Sinking

One major indication the sewer line has broken is the giant sinkhole in your backyard. If you notice that a section of your property is collapsing in on itself, then stay away! Don’t approach it or try to fix it yourself. Professionals who specialize in repairing sewer lines will have the know-how to handle the issue safely.

How to Repair Your Sewer Line

If any of these problems plague your home, it’s a good idea to call a Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling. Sure, there are many YouTube videos out there describing how to complete simple home repairs, but that’s just it. A burst sewer line is not a simple repair, and it will take a professional to deal with it both quickly and cost-effectively. Maintenance is an unpleasant but also vital part of homeownership to keep a cheap repair from becoming a costly replacement, so keep your eyes peeled for one of these five signs of a broken or clogged sewer line. It just might save you thousands of dollars.

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