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Water Filtration

Summers Water Filtration in Brownsburg, IN

Most people need to increase their consumption of water to reach an ideal level of health. Unfortunately, many people find that their home’s tap water is unpalatable. This is due to the natural minerals that are in the tap water. It can even be caused by the cleaning process of the water. In some cases, the poor taste could be caused by worn pipes.

To avoid the bad taste in their home’s water, some people opt to drink water out of individual bottles they buy in the store. Those bottles, however, create a lot of garbage and may even be more harmful than the bad tasting water at home.

There is another option. A water filtration system installed in the home can filter out many of the minerals and contaminants that can make water from the tap taste bad. This can provide individuals an easy way to get the great tasting water their bodies need.

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling offers a variety of options for homeowners to get better-tasting water. We can provide a variety of options for water filtration in Brownsburg, IN, and even have the system professionally installed by one of our expert technicians.

Types of Systems

The type of filtration system that works best for homeowners will depend on their personal needs and their budget. For simple, low-cost options, homeowners can purchase simple filtering pitchers or even attachments for their faucets. These work rather well for removing many of the things that can make water taste bad.

Some systems can provide a more thorough cleaning of the water that comes into the home. These vary in how they are installed. They can be placed directly under the kitchen sink to clean just the water that flows through the kitchen faucet. There are also larger systems that can be attached to the home’s water supply to filter all the water that enters the home.

There are also a variety of methods that remove contaminants from the water. Some of the more common options include carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, and ion exchange. Each of these types of filtration systems has their benefits and their drawbacks. It also depends on the types of contaminants that need to be removed from the water.

At Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling, our experienced staff can help homeowners find the perfect water filtration in Brownsburg, IN that will meet their needs and expectations. Our team will even provide professional installation of that unit to ensure homeowners have clean water as soon as it is up and running.


For simple filters that attach directly to the sink faucet, many homeowners can simply install these devices themselves. However, if a problem arises, our plumbing technicians are on hand to help get these units set up and ready to go.

For the filtration systems that attach to the water under the sink, these systems can be a little more complicated. Although there are probably how-to videos available to assist with installation, without some plumbing knowledge and experience, things can go wrong fast. Hiring a professional can ensure the system is installed properly without leaks or issues.

For the entire home filtration system, it is strongly recommended that a professional plumber is used for the installation. They are trained and experienced in providing safe and effective installation of these types of devices. They will also ensure that there is no damage caused when it is attached to the waterline. This can save homeowners significantly by preventing damage from a poorly installed filtration system.


All water filtration systems require some regular maintenance. If the system was properly installed from the beginning, this maintenance can be minor. However, there will still be a need for regular changing of filters or cleaning out sediment and buildup from the system.

Each type of filtration system requires different types and frequencies of care and maintenance. It is important to have a professional plumber that is experienced with these types of systems to perform this regular maintenance. This will ensure the system continues to provide clean, tasty water, glass after glass.

Expert Water Filtration Service

When considering water filtration in Brownsburg, IN, contact our team. A trained associate will help explore the needs of the household to determine which systems will work best for their home. Our team will take into consideration a homeowner’s concerns about their water and try to find the best filtration system to ease those worries.

Once the right system is chosen, our expert plumbing technicians will provide professional, courteous, and efficient service to install the system. We can even provide regular maintenance to keep the system running great. Simply contact Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling for more information about how we can help make your home’s water taste better.


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