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Toilet Repair

Toilet Repair Services in Bloomington, IN

A broken toilet is a major problem in your home. If your toilet is clogged, leaking, or otherwise not performing its job, you need to contact an experienced Bloomington toilet repair plumber. At Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling, we can repair or replace your faulty toilet to get your bathroom back in order. Call us today to learn more about how our experienced and insured plumbers can improve your home.

Fixing Clogged Toilets

You may be able to address a minor clog on your own. However, sometimes the issue may be more complicated. If your toilet continues to clog or flood even when you believe you already plunged out the problem, you may need an experienced plumber to repair your toilet. It could be that an obstruction exists in more severe plumbing than what your plunger can handle.

It is possible that someone flushed something that blocked your toilet. Unfortunately, there are many things that people sometimes believe are okay to flush that can lead to serious problems with your toilet. Among items that you should never flush down the toilet are the following:

  •         Q-Tips
  •         Cotton balls
  •         Baby wipes
  •         Paper towels, dental floss
  •         Feminine hygiene products

Any of these items can lead to severe clogs in your toilet. Oddly enough, you should also never flush bleach, which is potentially damaging for your septic system and toilet. Knowing what not to flush is a critical way to prevent many toilet clogs. If it is too late for prevention, call Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling for toilet repair in Bloomington.

Water Pressure and Toilet Problems

If your incoming water pressure is too high, it can damage your toilet. One indication that water pressure issues are impacting your toilet is if you hear your toilet running continuously. You may also listen for sounds of internal leaks or even notice leaks in the toilet tank. Your toilet is a complicated mechanism and is vulnerable to high water pressure. If you believe your water pressure is impacting your toilet’s functioning, call Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling to schedule plumbing services.

Running Toilets

A continuously running toilet can be a sign of high water pressure, but it may also indicate something else wrong with your toilet. One of the more common issues is that the tank ball, also known as the flapper, is worn and is not sealing correctly within the toilet. Other times, the float valve is not correctly shutting off your toilet. This problem can take place when the components of your toilet suffer from wear and tear or corrosion.

Debris in the Water

If you notice debris in the water inside your toilet tank, it could be parts of your toilet components. Your toilet uses certain plastic and rubber pieces. Those components sit underneath chlorinated water for many years. It is essential to replace these components to avoid further damage, leaks, and other issues with your toilet.

Low Water in the Tank

Every time you flush the toilet, the tank should fill up entirely with water. If you look in the tank and find that the water level is consistently low, there is likely a leak somewhere in your system. There could be a crack in your pipes or somewhere in the toilet itself. Our plumbers can diagnose the issue, and if needed, we can replace the toilet, replace the piping, or repair your piping to prevent further leaks.

Repeated Flushing

If you hear your toilet flush when no one is in the bathroom, your immediate response might be fear. However, most likely, the cause of this problem is that water is leaking out of the tank and into the toilet bowl. Unfortunately, when this happens, you may waste hundreds of gallons of water every day. Your water bill may reflect the consequences of that leak.

Flushing Impacts the Tub or Sink

If you hear gurgling sounds coming from your sink or tub whenever you flush your toilet, there could be a clog in the toilet’s vent pipe. You cannot remedy these clogs by using a plunger. If you notice this issue, contact Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling to speak to an experienced professional about toilet repair service.

Toilet Repair Near Me

Plumbing problems and broken toilets can create havoc in your home anytime, day or night. Fortunately, Summers Plumbing Heating and Cooling offers toilet repair service any time of the day and throughout the night. If your plumbing issue is an emergency, contact us right away. We are conveniently located in Bloomington and our insured, experienced, and professional plumbers are ready to fix your toilet. 


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