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Sewer Line Repair

Sewer Line Repair in Bloomington, IN

Not only are sewer line issues frustrating to deal with, but they can also end up surprising homeowners with a hefty bill. Unfortunately, sewer backups are usually not covered by your home insurance policy. Beyond wanting to avoid a rather nasty issue in your home, being able to detect the warning signs that you need a sewer line repair can save you from a major bill.

Luckily, these warning signs from your sewer system are generally ones you’ll hear loud and clear. The mistake most people make is waiting for the issue to recur to “make sure” it’s really a problem or trying to temporarily “deal with it” in the hopes that the problem might disappear as mysteriously as it began.

The Top Warning Signs that You Need a Sewer Line Repair Service

1. You’re tempted to use chemical “de-cloggers.”

Have the urge to reach for a chemical drain cleaner? Clogs in your drain can be a frustrating problem to handle. However, a clogged sink might be signaling a larger issue you can’t see – one that requires professional attention.

So, why shouldn’t you try the chemicals first? While chemical cleaners occasionally will help a clogged drain move a little faster, they rarely get rid of the problem completely, and they’re actually causing more harm than good. For the most part, the heavy material is only pushing a clog further along through your pipes where it can become a larger, pipe-breaking blockage. The problem has now moved from your easy-to-reach sink to a harder-to-access pipe.

Additionally, those harsh chemicals can cause your pipes to corrode and require replacement sooner. Best to avoid these issues altogether and call in a professional.

2. The toilet is troubling.

There are two major signs your toilet can give you. First, if it’s making a “gurgling” or bubbling noise when not in use, it’s telling you there’s a blockage in your sewage line. The water in the toilet’s pipe is hitting a clog and being pushed back into the toilet bowl, replacing the water with air bubbles. This can become a major issue and needs to be looked at immediately.

Secondly, if flushing your toilet causes water or raw sewage backup, there’s an issue with your sewer line. Turn off the toilet’s water supply and call for a sewer line repair service.

3. You’re seeing symptoms of mold.

If mold and mildew are growing on the walls, the issue could be either the HVAC system or a problem with your sewer line. Both can cause an increase in humidity, providing perfect mold-growing conditions. The best way to tell the difference is if you see discoloration right around the base of your toilet.

Additionally, if you think your home is beginning to have a moldy or musty scent – and you can’t seem to find any mold or mildew – it could be your sewer system, especially if that scent is stronger around your drains.

4. The yard is acting suspicious.

If sudden patches of vibrant green grass are sprouting up, or you’re seeing sudden and unexplainable plant growth near your home, the issue could be a leak in your sewer line. While the extra fertilizer might be doing wonders for your lawn, this is your yard’s way of warning you that a bigger issue is on the way.

Maybe instead of growing green, your yard is growing soggy. If stepping through your yard causes your shoes to sink and become muddy, that means there’s too much moisture – and not the kind that comes from overwatering. Call in a plumber to check out your sewer line, as it might be leaking.

5. You’ve had a few unwelcome visitors.

You might need a sewer line repair if there are new pests in your home. The humidity and smell caused by a cracked or broken sewer line will quickly lure in mice and rats that take up residence within the walls of your home. In this case, you’ll need to call your plumber and your pest control expert as soon as possible to take care of your sewer system and to protect your home against infestation.

Sewer Line Repair Near Me

Of course, the best way to avoid issues with your sewer line is to have your sewage system regularly inspected. But occasionally, some plumbing issues are simply unavoidable. If you’re looking for local Bloomington sewer line repair, then you’ve come to the right place! Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling has the tools and the know-how necessary to get the job done quickly and correctly. Our knowledgeable technicians have seen just about everything, and they understand how to assess your plumbing problems in a snap.

Schedule your next service today or contact us at (812) 269-2117 for the help you need at a rate that won’t empty your wallet.


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