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Burst Pipes

Burst Pipe Services in Bloomington, IN

The city of Bloomington has a lot to offer its citizens, including a booming service industry and beautiful scenery. It contains a good mix of historic and modern housing. The residents of Bloomington also get to enjoy four robust seasons throughout the year, including frigid winters.

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling is proud to announce that we are expanding our service area to this great city. For over 50 years, we have provided our customers with exceptional plumbing contractors. When it comes to residential plumbing, we do it all, including burst pipe repair.

While we hope you never experience a burst pipe, we are here to help if you do. Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling provides emergency services so that we are available whenever you need us.

What Causes a Pipe to Burst?

There are various reasons that one of your home’s pipes can burst. One of the most common causes is age. The average residential plumbing system can last 40 years, but it will eventually begin to wear and experience problems. When this happens, a pipe can fail.

Another reason that you may experience a burst pipe is corrosion. Most modern plumbing utilizes PVC, which is highly resistant to corrosion. However, older plumbing systems might be made of metal. These types of pipes can suffer corrosion, which will eventually lead to a busted pipe.

While less likely, shifting or settling in your home’s foundation can cause a pipe to burst. This type of pipe damage can be especially dangerous as it can go for weeks or months without detection.

As a Bloomington resident, you have to be aware of another potential cause of burst pipes. During our harshest winter nights, the water within your pipe can freeze. This can result in a burst pipe and some major water damage to your home.

Fortunately, Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling is skilled at locating and repairing any burst pipe, no matter the cause. We will provide prompt repair services and prevent further water damage to your home.

Signs of a Burst Pipe

As a Bloomington resident, you must be aware of the warning signs of a burst pipe. The best way to limit damage to your home is with early detection. The sooner you find out about a burst pipe, the faster you can contact Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling.

Foul Odors

The nose always knows. If you smell bad odors in your home, especially around your bathrooms or shower drains, then something may be wrong. A burst pipe can allow the gases from sewage water to seep into your home. The smell of mold or mildew can also be a clue that you are experiencing a water leak.

Staining or puddles

If you locate an unexplained puddle near or below your sink, toilet, or other fixture, contact Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling immediately. This could be something as simple as a bad seal. However, they can also be indicative of a burst pipe.

Staining on your walls or ceilings is also a clue that you may have a burst pipe. You should never see water stains anywhere in your home.

Abnormal Sounds

If you turn on your pipe and hear gurgling or bubbling, then you should check for other signs of a burst pipe. The sound of running water when no faucets are turned on is also concerning. If you notice either of these sounds, then you should contact our professionals.

Unexplained Puddles or Sinkholes

If you have a burst pipe near your home’s foundation, then it may not present any of the problems mentioned above. Instead, you may experience a puddle in your yard. If left untreated, it can even result in a sinkhole.

Lack of Water Flow

When you turn on your faucet, you should have consistent water pressure. If your pressure or volume of water appears low, then a burst pipe may be to blame. Our plumbers can inspect your pipes with our drain camera and pinpoint the source of your limited water flow.

How Does Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling Repair a Burst Pipe?

As you might expect, the first step to repairing your burst pipe is to locate the leak. In the past, finding a leak could involve a bit of guesswork. However, Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling uses the latest equipment to locate plumbing problems and get them fixed quickly.

Once we find the leak, we will cut out the damaged section of the piping. Our professionals will then attach a new pipe and restore your water flow. If your damaged pipe was located behind a wall or section of flooring, our team will have to cut away the material to access your plumbing.

Burst Pipe Services Near Me

When you need affordable and reliable plumbing services in Bloomington, Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling is the team for the job. We guarantee to match or beat our competitor’s pricing. Don’t settle for less, contact the best! We look forward to serving you.


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