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Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning Services in Bloomington, IN

If you’ve ever been washing dishes or brushing your teeth only to find the sink filling to uncomfortably high levels, then you know the frustration a clogged drain can cause. However, beyond this most obvious sign, there are lots of warnings your home will give you when it’s time to call in a professional drain cleaning service. If any of the scenarios below sound familiar, you’ll want to speak with a professional plumber right away.

Signs You Need a Professional Drain Cleaning Service

Drain issues often signify a larger problem in your sewage system. However, you can avoid costly repairs or an expensive repiping service by addressing plumbing issues early. Call Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling if you find yourself facing any of the following issues:

1. Standing Water

If you run a sink, shower, or appliance and the water does not drain away at all, then one of your pipes has completely clogged and has stopped your drain from working properly.

2. Fixtures Backing Up

Water should only go one way through your drains and pipes, and that is out. If water, bubbling water, or even raw sewage (which can be toxic for your household) is returning through your pipes and drains, then there is a significant blockage in your pipes that is pushing your wastewater in the opposite direction. This is often accompanied by a “bubbling” or “gurgling” sound.

3. Slow Draining Fixtures

We often find this one a bit more tolerable because it doesn’t bring our home to a standstill like standing water might. However, it’s still a signifier of a bigger issue and requires a plumber’s attention. Resist the urge to reach for heavy chemical drain cleaners. They don’t handle the problem permanently; they simply push the clog further down the drain (making it harder to reach) and cause harmful corrosion to your pipes

4. Pests in the Pipes

Noticing new pests in your home? They could be coming up through the drain. This can happen when there’s a break in one of your sewer lines or a nearby pipe. A professional plumber can find these hidden cracks and help you keep out unwelcome visitors.

5. Mold in Your Drains

Mold is a sign of excess moisture – and a drain that needs cleaning provides that warm, dark, and moist environment that allows mold to thrive. If you’re seeing it around your drain, then you’re probably dealing with a leaking drain or pipe.

6. Bad-Smelling Drains

A bad smell from your drains signifies leftover food or sewage that isn’t being properly washed away. You’ll want to handle this immediately. Sewage in your drains can lead to a gas-like scent that is harmful to people, and leftover food can quickly call in a swarm of frustrating fruit flies.

7. Regular Plunging

If you’re having to plunge your toilets regularly and you find yourself constantly scrambling to turn off the toilet’s water supply before it overflows, the issue could be a blockage somewhere in your pipes. Call in a plumber immediately to avoid a burst sewer pipe.

8. Several Clogged Drains

If several of your fixtures are struggling to drain simultaneously, then that’s a warning sign that your main sewer line is having a problem. You’ll want to get this fixed as soon as possible, as this can lead to a costly and tedious repair.

Sometimes, snaking a drain yourself just isn’t enough when it comes to handling a drain cleaning issue. Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling has the heavy-duty tools you need to clear your drains permanently. Instead of corroding your pipes with chemicals, we use powerful tools that safely clear drains while taking care of your sewer system’s pieces so you can avoid early replacement or additional repairs.

Bloomington Drain Cleaning Services

Stop scouring the internet for “drain cleaning near me” and give Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling a call. We’ve seen just about every plumbing issue under the sun and can ensure that your drains and plumbing system are on the right track for a long and problem-free life span. We care about the Bloomington community, we don’t oversell you on products you don’t need, and we offer emergency response so you can get in contact with a knowledgeable plumber – no matter what hour a plumbing problem occurs.

With over twelve locations in Indiana, you can be assured that the assistance you need is close by. Schedule your next service today or call us at (812) 269-2117 to get the help you deserve from professionals who care.


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