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UV Lights Installation

HVAC UV Light Installation in Bloomington

Thanks to its location near several major cities, Bloomington residents have easy access to a huge number of HVAC contracting service providers. With all these options, it can be tough to choose the right team to take care of your home’s heating and cooling systems.

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling has recently expanded our service area to include Bloomington, which means that your decision just got a whole lot easier. For over fifty years, we have been providing Indiana residents with exceptional HVAC contracting services.

Our technicians are trained in the latest techniques and equipment to continue to outpace the competition. Among our many cutting-edge services is HVAC UV light installation.

While every homeowner knows that their HVAC system should keep their homes at a comfortable temperature, many neglects to consider overall air quality, by partnering with Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling for an HVAC UV light, you can get rid of harmful contaminants and ensure that your air quality is optimal all year-round.

What Is an HVAC UV Light?

An HVAC UV light is a specialized air purification device installed in your home’s ventilation system. For years, these lights have been used in medical facilities to kill airborne bacteria. In recent years, they have made the jump to residential HVAC applications.

The light can be equipped into your system as part of a whole-home purifier or as a standalone device. Either way, it is a proven method of killing bacteria and improving air quality.

How Does an HVAC UV Light Work?

HVAC UV lights are installed in your HVAC system, usually just past the intake vent. As air is cycled back into your ductwork, it passes through the UV lightwaves. These waves will kill contaminants such as mold, viruses, and pollen.

While there are several different UV light waves, most residential HVAC UV lights produce UVC light. UVC means Ultraviolet “C” waves, which is the type of wave that is most effective at air purification.

What Are the Benefits of a UV Light?

As noted above, UV lights have been used in hospital settings for many years. That is because these lights have proven benefits when it comes to air purification applications, such as:

Reduce Frequency of Illnesses and Allergies

Over time, pollen and bacteria can accumulate in your home’s air supply and ventilation system. While any exposure to bacteria or pollen can cause negative health effects, prolonged exposure to concentrated levels can be especially harmful.

An HVAC UV light helps overcome this effect by killing pollen and disease-causing bacteria as it enters your ventilation system. This can reduce the frequency of respiratory illnesses. In addition, you may notice that allergy symptoms are reduced or eliminated.

Improve Efficiency and Airflow

Even the smallest airborne contaminants and dust will eventually accumulate in your duct system. This will result in reduced airflow and decreased operating efficiency for your HVAC system. Since your AC will be working harder to handle its normal workload, you will likely experience increased utility costs and reduced comfort in your home.

Since the HVAC UV light kills airborne contaminants, it will ultimately reduce the amount of build-up in your ductwork. This will help keep your AC system operating at peak efficiency. When paired with Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling’s duct cleaning services, you can make drastic improvements to overall air quality.

Get Rid of Unpleasant Odors

Bad odors in your home are always related to the accumulation of bacteria or other pollutants. Whether the smell is the result of forgetting to take the trash out or mold accumulating in your air vents, eliminating the contaminants will get rid of the smell. Since HVAC UV lights are designed to get rid of bacteria and mold, they will often eliminate odors within your home.

HVAC UV Light Installation Near Me

As you can see, equipping your HVAC system with UV light is a great way of improving air quality and your family’s overall health. With that said, installing these systems is not a DIY project. Correctly wiring and setting up an HVAC UV light requires a licensed professional’s services, such as those found on our team.

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling can provide you with a free quote on Summer’s UV light installation services. We guarantee to match our competitor’s pricing and get your new system up and running fast. If you would like to obtain a quote or schedule service, contact us today!


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