Common Mistakes You’re Making With Your Air Conditioning


To combat the rising temperatures of the summer, you are likely getting a lot of usage out of your air conditioner and are seeing frightening results of it in your monthly bill. It is possible that you are making some major mistakes with your home’s air conditioning system, undercutting its effectiveness and efficiency. In fact, poorly maintained systems can even become contaminated with microorganisms that can be detrimental to your health if inhaled.

Here are some of the most common mistakes people make with their home’s air conditioning:

1.You do not change or clean your filters: You should change the filter on your central AC unit at least once every three months, or as often as once a month, depending on how frequently your system is running. Why is this important? If you neglect to change or clean your filters, this can cause poor air flow or freeze up the unit’s evaporator coil. Additionally, your dirty filter might add between 5% and 15% to your AC bill and shorten the lifespan of your system. Save yourself some money by replacing the filters, which are usually less than $10. If you have ductless split AC units, you can simply wipe of the filter with a rag.

2.You do not service your system annually: There are certain necessary maintenance operations that must be performed once a year to keep your system up and running efficiently. Call in a professional to do this and it will save you money in the long run.

3.You set your thermostat too low: Your body is capable of much more than you think. It can adapt to hot or cold temperatures rather quickly, often within a week or two. Considering that you can cut up to 3% off your AC bill for every degree you raise the temperature, you might want to sweat through the period of adjustment and try setting your thermostat in the high 70s to reduce your bill.

4.You neglect your fans: Fans are an effective way to stay cool during the summer months and remove some of the burden from your overworked AC system. If you are using ceiling fans, make sure they turn counterclockwise, which promotes better air flow.

5.Your thermostat or vents are poorly positioned: Your thermostat might get thrown off if it is getting blasted by the sun or a lamp, causing it to crank the AC unnecessarily even when your place is already cool. If you are away during the day, you might not even be aware that your system is working overtime.

6.You are keeping empty rooms cool: Are your AC vents open in every room of your house? If they are, you are keeping a lot of unused square footage cool on a day-to-day basis. Walk around your home and close the vents that open onto unoccupied rooms and close closet doors to ensure those areas are not eating up your cold air.

7.You do not have any blinds or curtains: The sun is your AC system’s worst enemy. If you keep your blinds closed or slide your curtains to block the sun, you can protect your space from the sun’s heat, which also means your AC system will run less frequently, saving you money.

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