What to Do if Your Kid Flushes a Toy Down the Toilet

If you have kids, you know how much they love to play with their toys anywhere and everywhere, including the toilet. Unfortunately, sometimes those toys go for a fateful swim and clog the toilet. Getting even a small toy out of the toilet can be a tricky problem, particularly since your trusty plunger will not usually be of any use. If your toilet has become blocked due to your child’s favorite G.I. Joe taking a dive, there are a few different steps and methods you can follow to remove it or any other objects your kids my toss into the porcelain throne.

De-Clogging Your Toilet

You might not be sure what exactly is clogging up your toilet, at first, so first do a little investigative work by questioning the members in your household to figure out what might have been flushed down. Knowing exactly what you are dealing with can help you figure out how to approach the situation.

Next, if the toilet overflowed, spread out some towels or newspapers around the base of it to soak up the excess water. Before you can get started on the clog, you will need to scoop the water from the bowl. At this point, if you want to try your luck with a plunger, you can, though they are generally not effective. Instead, you should use a tool known as an auger. Maneuver the auger into the drain hole and twist it. Using this method is often effective in removing toys or other hard items that a plunger cannot pull out.

To be certain that you successfully de-clogged your toilet, remove the lid from the toilet tank and raise the float before attempting to flush it. Doing this will stop excess water from filling the tank and flowing into the toilet bowl where it would otherwise spill onto the floor if not all obstructions were removed.

In some cases, removing a flushed toy from a toilet cannot be successfully done without the help of a professional.

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