Lennox vs. Trane

Lennox vs. Trane


air conditioningTrane and Lennox provide air-conditioning units that are both capable of cooling down your entire home rather than simply one room as would a window unit. Both brands also offer several different kinds of air conditioning units, some of which have communicating capabilities, allowing the units to automatically adjust the airflow based on your home’s temperature.

Although Trane and Lennox are both top of the line brands, there are still some differences. Lennox is considered a household name, having been part of the HVAC world for over a century. In addition to being one of the best air conditioner manufacturers, Lennox also offers a range in prices, from expensive units with all the bells and whistles to more budget friendly units that still uphold their quality standards. The Lennox XC25 is particularly different from other brand unit models because it can be integrated with Solar panels, allowing it even higher efficiencies.

However, when it comes to compressor operating range and noise level, Trane’s XV20 outdoes the Lennox. Even though the Trane has a quieter system, both brands use similar technology in terms of inverter driven compressors, so Lennox is not far behind. This type of technology not only creates quieter operations, but provides higher levels of comfort regarding consistent temperatures and lower humidity levels.

Although both brands do not reveal the price of their units since they are sold wholesale to contractors, the estimated range in prices, including installation, are comparable. A Lennox unit may cost you anywhere from $2,000 to $8,000, depending on the features of the unit you choose, such as the seasonal energy efficiency rating (SSER) and length of warranty. A Trane unit’s range in price depends on the same variables and has the same range in pricing.

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